Yearning to Fall


When Mark opened his eyes, he found himself bedridden in the hospital. It turned out that he had caught a deadly disease, but he couldn't care less. With his mundane life and pressurising position as the heir to the Tuan Enterprise, Mark yearned to die.

He yearned to fall.



A/N: originally a KnB fanfiction i wrote with my dear friend that will soon be posted up at I will link it here when it has been put up. This oneshot has been inspired by our collabaration fic. If there were any grammar mistakes, please do not be afraid to point them out as I am still learning to be a better author. I hope that you will enjoy this story.

However, please do not resort to plagiarising. If you want to do something to my fanfic, please inform me beforehand for permission.

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Notice: This is an entry for Shoes of A Unicorn Writing Contest, the prompt used is prompt #8: "the more wonderful the meeting, the sadder the parting."

Update: [310714] I did not win the above-mentioned competition. However, I was in the honourable mention list, and I'm very grateful for that.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the story, with the exception of the storyline.


"Title is simple and straight to the point. However, there were too many tense changes and more descriptive terms should be used. Overall: 81/100" - Jindos21, Pie-licious Review Shop

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Chapter 2: whhaaaaatttyyy TToTT
ginevapham #2
Hi there! I love your Markjin story so much!! That was so beautiful and exactly my favorite category. Would you mind if I translated it into Vietnamese? I will be very appreciated if you allow me ^^
MyHeartIsEmpty #3
Chapter 2: Omg the tears, you wrote it so beautifully T-T
seoulsunshine #4
Chapter 2: Beautiful and heart breaking
Chapter 2: its soo sad but i really like it thanks for the story
Chapter 2: Ph shot i feel me sniffing /sobs/

The word play lay me twisting but i got the meaning after reading again and confirming it through your explaination ^^

I enjoyed the story and i hope you write another markjin fanfic ^^
Chapter 2: of course this is beautiful, nice, and amazing authornim. thank you for the explanation. :-)

why? andweee,,, mark,, andweeeeeeeeee.. it means that mark really kill him self? fall from the rooftop? seriously authornim, that can't be right? authornim? mark? mark? andweeeeee.... kekekekeke (I'm over)

your acc is khunpimuk, then our bias must be bambam right? kekekeke
Chapter 2: Oh my gosh, author-nim, that was so beautiful TT___TT
jaebumx #9
angelwhite #10
Chapter 2: omg. (T-T)