Cho Kyu Jae

And where was forever?

“Ah, I am so tired…” she mumbled to herself as she plopped herself on the bed in the guestroom in Eunhyuk’s apartment.

Hyuk Oppa had insisted to bring her for dinner even though what you missed most was Hyoyeon’s Unnie kimchi stew. He was awfully drunk by the end of the barbecue dinner and she and Unnie had to lug him bac. She took over the wheel and drove them home while Unnie took care of Hyuk Oppa in the backseat.

She smiles at the thought of her Unnie and Oppa. A beautiful sight, how she chided him for drinking so much but simultaneously stroking his back to make him feel better. He smiles like a dork, at his beautiful girl and started kissing her passionately in the backseat of the car while Unnie was blushing, ducking away from his kisses and flushed at how their baby sister was looking from the rear mirror, teasing them.

That was how love was supposed to be.

She eyed the luggages at the corner of the room, sighed, ped them. On top laid her most prized possession.

‘RING DING DONG RING DING DONG…” her phone shrieked in the silent night.

“Seohyun ah! Are you in Seoul already? Have you met Hyuk Oppa?”

“Yes Taeyeon Unnie! Am going to wash up and sleep before the shoot tomorrow.”

“Sleep early okay the shoot is going to be tiring. Anyway, I called because Kyukyu wants to speak to you… hold on.”

She smiles as she press the phone to her ears, eagerly waiting for the voice she missed,even though it hasn’t been 24 hours since she last heard it.

“Umma! Umma! Where are you Umma!”

“Kyukyu ah, Umma is in Seoul right now. Umma has to work remember? Kyukyu have you been a good boy for Auntie Taeyeon?’

“Kyukyu miss Umma! Auntie Taeyeon made chocolate cookies today with me! Umma I will save them for you alright?”

“Ah that’s my good boy. Umma will buy you lots of presents when I am back okay!”

“Umma, Kyukyu miss you.”

“Umma misses our Kyukyu very much too”


“Cho Kyu Jae, Mummy love you so much.”

She mumbles as she stared at the smiling baby boy in the frame. She placed it by her bedside and stood up for her shower.

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authornim, update please T.T
julie-61 #2
Chapter 36: Update please..........
Eunix98 #3
Chapter 35: Update soon.. I miss you T^T
diemanhlu298 #4
Chapter 36: Please continue to update,authornim!!!The story is over wonderful absolutely...I love iy sooooo muchhhh...Hope U will update and have happy ending for our Seokyu...I cant stop loving them,SeoKyuJae<3<3<3<3
Eunix98 #5
Chapter 33: I miss this story so much! Pls update soon!
AdelineZ #6
Chapter 36: I hope you'll continue the story and post it here! It's a great one!
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Chapter 36: Please continue to update this story please.........
Eunix98 #8
It's been more than a year. I hope you'll update this story soon. I miss this soooo much. ><
maknaewire #9
Chapter 36: I just reread the whole chapters, and is it just me or you made some changes? Kkkk anyway please update :)
maknaewire #10
Dear author, i hope u still will continue this story, i really love it and i am sure ur other subscribers are craving for ur updates too. Please finish this story :))