This is about higschool and teenagers are mostly kinda stupid and emotional. All teenagers go thru this phase, right? So you'll understand. And even in this age, some already tried having , right?



“Taeyeon-ah, I’m glad you’re my bestfriend. I don’t know what to do without you. I love you so much, my only Taetae.” Tiffany inched near as her nose touched Taeyeon’s neck. Taeyeon felt ticklish and eventually it made her turn on. Taeyeon was in battle of her thoughts right now, she’s holding herself, and she didn't even breathe.




“Will you always stay by my side?" ─ Forever? Tiffany tightened her arms on Taeyeon’s waist.


Taeyeon hugged her back, planting a kiss on her forehead. “Mmm... Always.“

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Chapter 12: Wow. Happy ending for them~ So many things happened but they always found each other.
soshi_gee #2
Dayum..what an awesome story..a sequel would be great,I've upvoted,hope that can motivate u..keep up the good work bruh
Chapter 12: What a great story! I really like your story. Good job author-nim :)
miao87 #4
This is sweet!!! Can we have an epiloge or one more chap though, dear author? I want a little bit more fluffy when they are finally together lol. Thx for writting this story :)
Chapter 12: Oh myyyyy..... your story is really greatt...
You absolutely know how to push and pull of the sweetness and drama in the line of story...
Im positive taenybetes nowww XD
This really so good for my taeny heart haha...
Author jjang!^^ love this story....
corrupted126 #6
Chapter 1: are you soshibutts?
taeny_bear #7
Chapter 12: I really really really really really love your story!!!
Chapter 12: Just finished reading~ daebak!! I'm glad Tiffany likes Taeyeon back and KaiSoo is together again ^~^ you thought well about the plot. I'm looking towards reading more of your stories! Xoxo
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 12: Awwwww I'm glad that i found your fic!! True loveeeeeee taeny ^^
BlueS06 #10
Chapter 12: Woooooooooohhhhhh~~~~~~
I really like,no scratch that,I really LOVE your storyyyyy!!!!!!!!! ^o^^o^^o^