Taeyeon is a class A-5 assassin, who has a special ability that can create an illusion through her eyes. Death awaits when you look into her eyes.



There are things that doesn't need an explanation. There are things that doesn't need a reason. There are things that doesn't need words. I work. I kill for a living. You want to know why? Because it doesn't matter. I am nobody. I exist just to kill–well that's what I only know for myself.

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Chapter 3: UPDATE!!!!!
Chapter 3: Woah this story is so cool! Update please author-ssi? I'm so curious about the rest :(
raenzz #3
Chapter 3: Awesome action story :D taeyeon is very cool! Red eyes ^_^ bdw thanks for the update! :)
taeny2403 #4
Chapter 3: thanks 4 the update..
kaeruamajjing #5
Chapter 2: the plot is too fast... haha is taengsic?? but fany can find in first chap? she appears just like that?? ok, next please
taeny2403 #6
Chapter 2: wow this story is good... keep updating author
Chapter 2: not yet finished part 2, but im already love your story,
fatmiboo #8
this story a bit similar with manga I had read once. but it's black eyes instead of red.
but still, I like your story more, why? because it's snsd..hahaha
I really-really like that cover though, Taeyeon's eyes is soooo cool..
keep writing author-ssi. I'll always waiting your update..kkk~

p.s :forgive my terrible english. it's not my first language :p
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 2: oh wow taengsic! dayummmmmmm!
[deactivated] #10
Chapter 2: that taengsic scene was HOT ♥