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What happens when a pair of ex-lovers get more than what they bargained for in one's quest for revenge?
To stop fighting an enemy or opponent; to admit that an enemy or opponent has won; to stop trying to resist


Who said that fairytales exist in reality?
She was cruelly woken up from her Cinderella dream and he was no Prince Charming...
After all, there's no such thing as perfection, much less a happily-ever-after involving a handsome prince to save her from the depths of her ill-fated life, not when the prince drove a blade through her heart himself. 
So she grew, she changed, ridding herself of her old self when a helping hand was offered. An unexpected firefly light in the abyss of darkness her prince exiled her to.
A new name. A new persona. A new start. And she was content; living the best that she could with the scars of her past... Except, could a wound that was never really healed be called a scar?
All was well, until she saw a news article on him seven summers later. He was about to get his own happily-ever-after with a witch donning a princess mask. She couldn't allow it, not when he... they were the reason why she was never able to believe in the notion of 'one true love' anymore. She wanted him to suffer as she did. She wanted his heart on a silver platter.
There is only a faint line between love and hate, and she hated him as much as she once loved him. Besides, revenge is sweet they say.
Revenge is best served cold.
A future cannot exist if there is no past, but what do you do when your past comes back to haunt you in the most unlikely fashion? What happens to your future then?
He died the day he pushed her off the edge of sanity with his bare hands, locking himself into a cold isolated prison cell, shutting his heart, or lack of, from the rest of the world. She was the best thing that ever happened to him, but she turned out to be just like the others that had disappointed him, or so he thought. So when his parents asked for him to wed a girl from another prestigious family to strengthen their kingdom several years down the road, who was he to refuse? The idea of marriage and love coming hand-in-hand vanished the day his princess died. To him, this marriage was nothing more than a business proposal and he sure wasn't going to love someone again. It hurt him too much the last time he did.
At least the girl wasn't a complete stranger, he thought. The girl was a childhood friend of some sort, and was a good lay, he would know. After all, he wasn't all that discreet about his various conquests in bed since the day his angel was gone for good. A man has needs, he would say. But what happens when a mysterious girl resembling his dead love appears in his life? A girl who redefines his past, his needs and love. The same girl whom was determined to rip his soul apart, to break him beyond repair.
Be careful of fallen angels they warned, for the devil was once an angel.
They say what goes around, comes around.
The witch never believed in karma. Years passed and things were never better, she had gotten rid of her only rival, the prince was finally hers and nobody knew what she did. Sure, she didn't have his heart yet, but she was certain that she would have it in the long haul... considering that they were about to be wedded, were they not?
Although, the witch knew she had to do something about the others who warmed his bed at night at times. Nonetheless, all was well; the witch was going to have her happily-ever-after with the prince and nothing was going to stop her... only to have her dreams crushed right before her eyes, just when everything was well within her grasps. Oh... Karma is definitely a alright.
A who was out for revenge.


Secrets to unravel. Wrongs to right. Truth to be set free.
The past is never what it seems to be, especially a past tangled in the web of lies.
Who can escape unscathed in this epic quest for revenge?



"Humpty Dumpty set on the wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again."
Humming the nursery rhyme under her breath, Yoona watched the clear liquid swirl within her martini glass, a smile toying her lips as she took a sip of her cocktail, loving the slight burn as the brilliant combination of gin and vermouth made their way down . To feel pain means that I'm still wondrously alive.
Yoona snorted inwardly at her thought, wondering when she had became such a masochist.
"My my, someone sure looks exceptionally happy today."
The beauty gave her handsome companion a wicked grin, "Naturally, I've been waiting for an opportunity like this for seven years now, Tabi."
Seunghyun gave a low amused chuckle before ruffling Yoona's hair, "Whatever that makes you happy, princess."
Only to let out a light-hearted laugh when his female counterpart puffed her cheeks in annoyance as she swatted his hands away, "I'm twenty-seven now, not seven, Tabi. Stop messing with my hair!"
Immersed in their childish antics, it took the presence of a curvaceous air-stewardess coming over to break up their playful banter. Yoona half-rolled her eyes at the sight of the air-stewardess bending unusually low as she retrieved the empty glasses, grimacing at the sultry tone used when the stewardess informed them Seunghyun that they were to arrive in Incheon within the next half hour. TOP bit back a chuckle at Yoona's scoff when the beauty witnessed the air-stewardess winked flirtatiously at him before sauntering off with a deliberate sway of her hips. "Jealous, princess?" asked TOP in a lazy drawl as he threw a cheesy smirk at his female companion.
Yoona let out a unladylike snort at the question, "You wish."
The doe-eyed beauty watched in a mixture of nostalgia and apprehension at the familiar yet foreign Seoul landscape, bracing herself for the on slaughter of bittersweet memories of her homeland; a place that she had not visited once in the past seven years. Utterly consumed by the memories of her past, it took the thudding sensation of wheels landing on the airport runway to jerk Yoona back from her reverie to the present, reminding herself of the reason why she came back to Seoul after all these while. Balling her fists tightly, Yoona snuck a glance at the glossy magazine that had been resting on her lap throughout the entire journey.
"Heir of the one and only; Kwon Enterprise, Kwon Jiyong, to be wedded to long-time girl friend, part-time model and daughter of the famous Japan Coporate giant, Kiko Mizuhara! Read page 2 to 4 for exclusive interview..."
Yoona allowed herself a devious smile when the plane stilled in its movement, her smile stretching into a grin as she watched the red seatbelt icon dimmed along with the cheery voice of the pilot speaking over the intercom; knowing that it could only mean that they have officially arrived in Seoul. Rising from the comfy first class seat, Yoona smirked as she watched the setting sun gave way to the dark night, the sight befitting of the darkness she intended to bring forth.
"I'm back, es." 

Author's Note:

Putting it out there just in case you're a new reader; this is a revamped version of Capitulate.

The most basic foundations were retained but the cast, scenes and the plot/storyline have been changed rather drastically. New chapters will be from the 4th chapter onwards. 

Read here to understand why the revamp happened & the reason behind my pairing choice.

It's been a daunting process from deciding to revamp, to choosing the pairing to now showcasing this. I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy this fanfic and that you'll grow to love it as much as I did. :)

Also, please do subscribe, comment (coz I love reading them) and upvote if possible! It'll mean the world to me, truly.

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Without futher ado, let's get started.

Peace out, againhello x.

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