Summer Breeze ( 여름 바람 )


It is summer, the season where the sun shines really bright through the eternal blue sky . The birds dance on the branches following the rhythm of their chirps welcoming you every morning. Summer is where the girls go barefoot and their hearts are as free as their toes.

This summer, six bestfriends want nothing more than a perfect summer. They had everythng in plan from having a summer job to a summer vacation and of course a summer boyfriend (hot boyfriend, those with tanned skin and six packs) Can they really pull off this plan and transform their dreamed perfect summer into reality?
17/7/14 - Summer Breeze's official layout is up lovelies ❤
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This is an official layout of Summer Breeze ♡

Hello readers, this is my first applyfic in which I'm catastrophically excited to start writing it orz. I'm hoping all of you my lovely subbers are as excited as I am. Your comments are my greatest booster so please keep on commenting, babies ♡ Everyone who has applied will be in this story and I'll try my best to write a story in which all of us will daydream about before we sail to our dreamlands ♡ Have fun reading.

Author's Note



Credit to 반사 // rflctn。 for the pretty layout and WOP from PRESTIGE FILM for the trailer and Kyde from Heaven's Door for the graphics!

(❤)SB - Hey guys, just to let you know, I'm on vacation for a week so I'll continue updating after my vaca nae?

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Chapter 3: CLIIIIFHANGER cries a lot i really want to know what happens to Hyemi.
shes's so cute sobs sobs i wonder what song she will play hehehehe so exciting
and naseon omg baby hugs her. is her boyfriend cheating on her? ; ~ ;
hugs her for eternity makes mama yura hugs her too and kisses her baby cheekies

and omg yura and her mountain trip idea and everyone's reaction to it.
"that's cool", she says and a small creepy smile curves on her lips.
that killed me omg im–––– i love that part so much. and the doodles in the notebook
hhahahahaaha these girls are so precious negl. i think the chemistry between the characters
really make the story fun to read, of course, there's you too, with all your amazing ideas
and ability to execute this well! kudos to you~

and all the details h hh hhhhhh im dying. everything just springs to life
Chapter 2: OH MY GOD I LOVE SUAH SO MUCHHHHHH she seems so fanatbulous not gonna lie
i keep imagining sistar's ad for her scene hahahahaha, it's so amazing.

And Yura!! baby!!! *^* youre making her way more amazing than i thought tbh
i never thought she'd be the mum thats so sweet ; w ; and the other girls are so cute too
my favorite pair would be Hyemi and Naseon omg they're so cute playing around like
little puppies *^* cuddles them both cuties omg

I think you pull off the first chapter very well! I get a very nice idea about what each
character is like. They all have distinct personalities and they all stand out!
that's very nice! good job baby gives you lots of candies *v*

again, im sorry for the late comment, i am still alive and ive been checking into
aff but i never check the wall or subscription bc i never thought you'd update again very happy though! and thank you for not excluding me just yet!! *^*
Chapter 3: minhi with the "pink and cute" book o.o
LOOOL that made me laugh actually since i couldn't imagine the minhi i created to do that?
she's kinda this very boyish one so...
anyways, the bra drawings tho LOOOOOOOOOL
argh i love these girls omg
they sound so funny and awesome hehehee

yaasssssss the action gunna beginning soon XDDDD
well okaaay there seonah... did something cause that reaction?

whose the new girl thoguh? cause the six names mentioned here were all the original girls actually
just asking since i might be mixxing up people

and oh btw,
"They have the talkative Soojin, the gossiper Yura, the moodmaker Minhi, the joker Yura, the energetic Hyemi and the loud Na Seon. "
you mentioned yura twice? not sure if its a mistake or theres two yuras now LOL
since this sentence is supposed to help me differentiate the girls a bit more, the two yuras threw me off guard LOL

anyways, thanks for the update hehehe
Chapter 3: is still breathing heavily waiting for the next chapter-
but take your time author senpai-nim <3
Chapter 3: still here LOOOL
you found a sub already? o.o
ikebana #6
Chapter 3: i'm here i'm here!
still patiently waiting for the next chapter u w u
but i'm okay tho take your time < 3
Good luck everybodehh!~