Tutor Wars


Daegu Tutoring Service, run by Hwang Mirae and Lee Suyeon, is the best tutoring place in town. Mirae and Suyeon are pros: they've been tutoring schoolkids of all ages for a while now.  

Suddenly, a new tutoring service enters the scene: the Sunset Tutoring Group,  which consists of  some private school snobs. To Mirae and Suyeon's dismay, the Sunset Tutoring Group is stealing all their customers- just because their tutors are rich and attractive! 

A battle of brains, wit, and brawn ensues between the tutors. Who will emerge victorious? 

And will each of the 4 tutors be able to resolve their own problems as well? 


The boy is sitting in the middle of Cafe Benne, agitatedly poring over stacks and stacks of thick textbooks. He is young, only a middle schooler, with chubby cheeks and overgrown black hair. “I’m going to fail,” he moans, desperately flipping through pages. “I don’t know what’s going on, and my test is in 2 days! Mom will definitely pull me off the baseball team-,”


Suddenly, a hand slams down on the table in front of him. The boy looks up in shock.


Two girls are standing in front of his table, confident expressions on their faces. The girl who placed her hand on the table smiles at the boy.


“We noticed you were in a bit of a dilemma,” she says smoothly. “Let me guess: exam in a few days? Not sure what the hell is going on in class? Afraid your parents are going to disown you?”


The boy’s eyes widen. “Whoa, how did you know?”


“We can tell,” the other girl says. She places her hands on her hips. “And we’re here to tell you that we can help. I’m Hwang Mirae, and this is Lee Suyeon. We run the Daegu Tutoring Service, guaranteed to make your grades soar with only a few sessions.”


“The Daegu Tutoring Service has a slew of positive testimonials,” Suyeon says professionally, handing the boy a sleek silver business card. Daegu Tutoring, it reads in bold black letters. “Mirae and I can assure you that we are well-qualified, as we are ranked #2 and #3 in the junior class of Daegu Public High School. So why don’t you give us a try?”


“How much do you cost?” he asks tentatively.


“Usually, we charge $15 an hour.” Mirae peers at the boy. “But you know what? You seem like a nice kid. So we’ll cut you a 20% discount. How’s $12 an hour sound? Should be within your allowance range, hm?”


Angels, the boy thinks dazedly. These girls are angels.


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Ladybuggy101 #1
Chapter 31: Oh dayumnnn idk what to say but dat wuz amazing~ (And I snorted with laughter like a pig so that's a problem but oh well XD)
Chapter 30: I'm honestly not much into highschool!au or romcom stories because they tend to get highly clichéd but this is one is just so good! The plot is simple and unique in its own way. The writing style is also pretty good and I really liked it! The interactions between the protagonists was cute as hell and I squealed so many times! Thank you for sharing such a story and keep up the good work!
shompishompi #3
Chapter 31: Just finished reading this in a day! I'm totally in love with your style of writing <3
The plot of your stories are always uniqueee~ luv it so much :))
Chapter 30: i read this fic before, but i stopped after a few chaos bc i remember i didnt rlly like it but now, its 2017 I DONT GET WHY I AACTUALLY FELT THAT THIS FIC IS AMAZING ( as always and expected from ur works ) LIKE I LOVW IT SO MUCH IM BINGE READING AT MIDNIGHT AND UGH ITS SO BEAUTIFUL
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Chapter 24: True jongin dosent deserve you mirae
Chapter 17: Suyeon girl don't misubderstand
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