The Last Sorceress

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200 years after The Great Cataclysm, Terra-born Atelier Rosche learns that she is meant for something far greater than anyone from her world can even begin to comprehend. She will be the one to reclaim lost peace, to restore glory to a broken realm. She is Tierra Gloriosa's 49th sorceress, and she will be the last.


Eons ago, Titan lovers Arun and Shara fled their war-torn realm and fell asleep, dreaming two worlds into existence. Exotreia, the Titans' First, and Terra, the Titans' Second. It is hard to tell which the Titans love more; for Exotreians are birthed strong and powerful into a realm of danger, and Terrans are without powers, yet blissed with ignorance of the chaos outside their peaceful little world. But it is safe to say that the Titans loved Tierra Gloriosa enough to leave it in the care of the Empyreans, a sorceress - the Queen - and her twelve guardians. For centuries, the realm flourished.  

But then the Great Cataclysm happened. Sorceress Athena ran away and left the world to die in chaos and darkness. Her twelve guardians fought a losing battle and later fell into crystal sleep, patiently awaiting for the return of their Queen. Without the Empyreans, Exotreia was lost to the Shadows, and Terra was ripped apart by hatred and distrust.

For 200 years the guardians waited, until the day the hope flower blooms again.


There is a saying that goes among Exotreians when describing their Queens.

❝ Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have greatness  upon them. ❞

Atelier has no idea just how important her role is in reclaiming peace across the realm, but she will have to learn. The new Queen shall rise from a glimpse of light amidst the darkness.

And the Heavens shall tremble.



- CAST -

Jeon Jungkook - Himself
Kim Seokjin - Lucem Hanedir
Park Chanyeol - Chanjyushir L'Taeran
Oh Sehun - Sephyrus Hunathgrol
Park Jimin - Caius Tao
Zhang Yi Xing - Paddra Ssal Lay
Do Kyungsoo - Kyungrig Soorei
Kim Jongin - Mah'habara Qun Kai
Kim Minseok - Xiumin
Kim Taehyung - Kreiss Noel

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Author's notes
So apparently, I never know what I want to do wtf can somebody order an air strike on me.
Anyway, some history on this story - I started it in 2014, it became featured in 2016, I went on a long hiatus in the same year, and came to the decision to discontinue the story late 2017. Later, I shared the full summary and information pages for the entire story, intending to "tell the story a different way". Now, in 2018, I realized I love the story too much to let it go so I'm rewriting everything FML.
Like, can you believe this? I am so crazy. -.-
I contemplated starting a brand new page for the reboot, but I like this Gold Star too much so y'all just gotta bear with me.
Update Schedule:
I currently don't have a schedule that I follow, but you can expect two to three chapters every week, typically between Tuesday to Friday. (This year, I've been super commited and have kept my word to update on time, don't worry.) JK, haaaaaah; I update once a week now. Typically mid-week.

★ Featured on 2nd March 2016! 

First Runner-up (Best in Fantasy) in the WoL Fanfiction Awards 2016




[ATLS ♡] I think I've finished writing a few weeks' worth of chapters - so these two weeks may well be double-update weeks. ^^ You'll have plenty to read!


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Chapter 37: Interesting plot and excellent writing!
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Chapter 37: You're most welcome! Just promise you will keep writing ^^
Loving the story of Kreiss and the mother dragon, by the way, even though it ends in a tragedy. I'm sure this dragon - the son - is Skulljape, who might just about kill him to avenge his mother eeps >.< so I'm excited to learn all about how Kreiss tamed him!
0 points #3
Chapter 37: I love this so much! And it's so nice having Kreiss's backstory to read now that Atelier is slowly getting to know him and Skulljape.. I love this arc and I'm so excited for the next happenings :) thanks so much for the updates! ♡
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Omg this seems so promising! Subscribed! Definitely gonna binge read this on my free day :3
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Thank you for the update <333
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ahh this seems so interesting so and im super excited to start reading soon!!!
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Chapter 2: I’ve only read three chapters and realize that I can only hope to write as good as this. you have talent and I hope to see your published book soon❤️
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Chapter 36: Yaaaay for origin stories! :D Kreiss and Skulljape are such a dynamic duo, and I'm excited to learn just how much they went through to learn to accept each other and solidify their bond. ^^ I feel like Kreiss is a lot harder on himself than he needs to be, although I suppose whatever happened 200 years ago was a huge factor. >___< But at least he and Atelier are friends, enough for him to gift her something, which I thought was super sweet. :)
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Chapter 36: Wondering if the hair clip will come in handy some day, but in any case it's so sweet of him to gift it to her <3
I also think the spirits are afraid of Atelier for reasons more than just her being a creature of light. it may be linked to the vision she had a few chapters back. question is, does kreiss know the true reason? is he just hiding it from her?
Next, I'm happy we're finally learning about Kreiss' past with Skulljape. Obviously, it's not the mother dragon he bonded with, since Skulljape is a male :p which makes me curious what happened, since Kreiss was so sure the mother was his fated companion.
Excited to read more of the story. Please do let it be a double-update week!! :D
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Chapter 35: Chapter 35: The first half of the chapter is so sweet. Lay is such a gentle soul, bless him.. and I'm glad Kai is learning to address his pain and overcome it with the help of his friends :)
Laughing at Atelier being forced to run when she is so eager to fight xD but Kreiss is right that she isn't ready. Yet :p
I got a little confused whose PoV it is at the end of the chapter - it started off clearly as Atelier's, but later it kind of became Kreiss'? That shouldn't happen with limited 3rd person, so that's my gripe. Other than that, it's a great chapter as always. I don't mind fillers!