Meet Him: The Senior [EDITING STARTING 19/2]

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“Who knows my life could change this much ever since I meet him.”  


To avoid a particular person, Kim Hyemi made her getaway to China, demanding that she'll be studying there.
What would happen when she and Song Haera, her best friend, transferred to Seoul High as exchange students and met the person she wanted to avoid the most? 

Along the path, Hyemi met new people, made new friends and him, Jeon Jungkook, made his way into her life.


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I'm starting to editing this fic as I messed up the povs in the front chapters.

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tfboys_clover #1
Chapter 9: Biology. lol pls jac really needs a life
thanks for updating and happy cny!!
Chapter 9: Thank you for updating!
Yeah, CNY is approaching soon- Happy Chinese New Year fam <3
1 points #3
Chapter 9: i wonder who is hyemi partner anyway luv your story♥♥♥♥
tfboys_clover #4
update soon please if you can?
Chapter 7: Why I didn't notice that it had been updated
tfboys_clover #6
Chapter 7: Now I like Jimin so much tbh let vmin sail
plushieplane #7
Chapter 7: naughty jungkook > <
twixlover #8
This story is great, please update soon. :-)
vkookbts19 #9
Chapter 2: update pahlease
[deactivated] #10
Chapter 2: I have a bad feeling about this..