A Chance at Love

A Chance at Love


Jongin was on his way home from the park. It was his weekly routine. He would always go to the park on weekends to relax and clear his mind a bit before facing the dreaded Monday. While walking, he spotted a little ice cream shop next to the bookstore that his sisters like to go to.

 They had claimed that they go there for the books and romance novels but he knew they’re real intention was to spy and fangirl over the owner’s son.

Well, too bad for them because the boy was already taken, by another boy at that. How did Jongin know? It’s simple ­– they went to the same school, but the pair already graduated last year. When Jongin’s sisters found out, they didn’t stop going to the bookstore, oh no, they decided to fangirl over the both of them since the couple works part time there.

Anyway, back to the ice cream shop. Jongin had never seen the ice cream shop before so he figured it was new. He decided to give it a try. He stepped in and was welcomed by a man at the counter.

 “Hello, welcome to Soo’s Scoops,” the male said with a pleasant smile, Jongin responded with a nod and a small smile of his own. Well, it’ll be interesting to hear Sehun pronounce that, he thought.

The interior was colorful and simple, and there was music playing from the speakers. A few tables and chairs were available for people to sit down and enjoy their frozen dessert. Other than him, there was no other customer, the last customer left just as he entered.

Right after he finished looking around and went up to look at the ice cream on display, the guy at the counter opened a door that led to the back.

“Hey, can you man the register for a few minutes?”

“Why? That’s your job,” another voice said.

“I really need to use the bathroom. Besides, there’s only one customer.”

“Great. Go to the men’s room after that one customer leaves then.”

“That’s what I thought too but I can’t hold it in much longer! My bladder is about to burst here!”

The guy continued, “C’mon, Soo, it’s just one customer.” The poor guy was close to begging...and probably peeing on himself.

“Ugh, fine,” the other person gave in.

“Thank you, baby brother!” he shouted while running off down a hallway on the left side of the shop where Jongin assumed the bathroom was located. Jongin couldn’t really see from where he was standing.

“Yah! Don’t call me that!” the other boy shouted back, finally appearing from the other room with his back facing Jongin. When he turned around, Jongin’s eyes widen.

“Kyungsoo hyung?” he had thought the voice sounded familiar.

Kyungsoo was shocked too but he quickly put on the face that he usually uses whenever he sees the tanned boy, a face that shows his dislike towards the other.

Even though Kyungsoo didn’t answer him, Jongin continued anyway, “You work here?”

“That’s none of your business, just get on with it and choose something.”

Jongin just sighed softly, “One scoop of vanilla.”

“Cone or cup?”


Jongin watched as Kyungsoo grabbed a waffle cone and wrapped a napkin around the middle. Then he scooped up enough before putting it in the cone. Kyungsoo may hate the boy but he wasn’t about to cheat a customer like that. He then handed it to Jongin over the counter. Their fingers brushed against each other and Jongin could feel his heart rate speed up.

Jongin paid for the ice cream but at the same time he was fighting a light blush and that’s when the guy from before showed up looking much more relieved. They both turned to him.

“Thanks again, Soo.”

“Whatever, hyung.”

“What’s with the frown? You’re gonna scare him off. Show him that cute heart-shaped smile of yours.”

Instead of a smile, Kyungsoo glared at Jongin and his left eye twitched but it was barely noticeable. Jongin quickly stepped in so Kyungsoo wouldn’t be pissed off.

“No, uh, it’s alright, I’m fine with it. You don’t have to smile if you don’t want to,” Jongin said.

The two brothers looked at him, Kyungsoo stopped glaring but there was still no sign of a smile on his face.

“I’ll just, uh, get going now,” Jongin continued, he was starting to feel awkward, “see you in school, hyung,” he said and stepped out.

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes.

“You guys go to the same school?” Seungsoo asked.


“You don’t seem to be very fond of him though.”


Seungsoo was confused, “Why is that? He seems like a nice kid. He was even fine with you glaring at him.”

Kyungsoo sighed, “It’s  nothing, hyung,” he walked into the back room, “I’ll be here if you need me.”

“Sure, kiddo,” he turned to greet the customer that just walked in.

Meanwhile, Jongin continued his walk home while enjoying his ice cream. He heaved another sigh. To be honest, he had wanted to see Kyungsoo’s smile. It has been a while since the last time Kyungsoo’s smile was directed at him. He misses it.

He took another of his ice cream. He wasn’t sure whether the ice cream tasted really good because it was actually that good or if it was because Kyungsoo was the one who scooped it up. Maybe it’s both, he thought.



After that day, Jongin goes to Soo’s Scoops three times a week. He goes on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

 He goes on Monday because it’s, well, Monday. He goes there to brighten up his day a little with some ice cream. He goes on Friday because the weekend comes right after it ends. He goes on Saturdays because of his weekly routine. If he’s lucky, he would manage to catch a glimpse of a certain someone and that brightens his day even more than the ice cream does.

You might think that since they go to the same school, they would often see each other. That’s not the case for Kyungsoo and Jongin. Kyungsoo is in the year above Jongin, so they don’t have a single class together. They never cross paths with each other because their lockers are located at different parts of the school, or maybe Kyungsoo just purposely takes a longer route just to avoid him.

To top it off, Jongin eats lunch in the cafeteria while Kyungsoo doesn’t. Jongin has tried to find out where Kyungsoo goes to during lunch time but it’s like the older boy just disappears and reappears when the bell rings. He does the see the boy in school sometimes, his back view, at least, when the boy is running off to catch the bus.



After two months of this new routine, Seungsoo and Jongin got to know a little bit about each other. Seungsoo already found out that there was a time when things between Kyungsoo and Jongin were great but they still wouldn’t tell him what had happened between them.

Jongin found out Seungsoo is three years older than Kyungsoo. The older man wanted to start his own business so his father helped him and he ended up having an ice cream shop of his own. Kyungsoo goes there every day to help out, but not without a reward, of course. It’s practically a job, a job where he could come and go as he pleases.



“So how are things with Jongin?”

Kyungsoo turned to look at Baekhyun, “What?” he asked, wondering if he’d heard wrong.

He was at the bookstore following his friends around as they worked, he didn’t want to go back to the ice cream shop just yet.

The boy just raised an eyebrow, “You think we didn’t notice Jongin’s little routine?”

Kyungsoo didn’t answer.

“We saw him going into the shop a few times,” he continues while rearranging the books on the shelf. “He’s lucky he has that dance club thingy or he’ll have to work extra hard to burn off all the extra calories.”

Kyungsoo still kept silent with his gaze fixated on the floor.

“Are you still hung up on what happened?”

The older boy took his silence as a yes and heaved a sigh, “Just forget about it Kyungsoo-ah, it wasn’t even a big deal.”

Kyungsoo finally looked up, “Not a big deal? Chanyeol had to go to the hospital!”

“Yeah, but he’s fine now,” Baekhyun said as he gestured to his boyfriend who was helping his father carry a stack of books. “See? He’s perfectly healthy. I don’t think he’s even holding a grudge against them.”

The wide-eyed boy huffed and crossed his arms.

“I don’t get why you’re so mad at Jongin. In case you’ve forgotten, Jongin wasn’t involved in any of the bullying. You might not know this but he even tried to defend us on several occasions and gotten hurt himself.”

He saw Kyungsoo’s expression falter for a second before that frown made its way back onto his cute little face, “They’re his friends,” he heard Kyungsoo mutter.

“They were his friends,” Baekhyun corrected. “If I’m right, which I am, he ditched his so-called friends when they started the bullying and wouldn’t stop even after he asked them to so many times.”

It was Kyungsoo’s turn to sigh, “You make me feel like I’m a bad, unforgiving person.”

The older boy chuckled, “You’re not a bad person, Kyungsoo-ah.”

Kyungsoo looked at him.

“You’re just unforgiving.”

He barely managed to dodge that punch to his arm. He laughed and ruffled the younger’s hair.

“By the way, does Jongin have any friends? I mean, other than Sehun and Tao.”

Kyungsoo shrugged, “I don’t know, I barely see him in school anymore.”

“Not even at the bus stop?”

“Yeah,” Kyungsoo said as he frowned, why ask about the bus stop?

Baekhyun hummed in response.



Jongin looked around the ice cream shop while eating his ice cream. He’s been sitting here for a while and he hasn’t caught a single glimpse of Kyungsoo.

He jumps slightly when a voice startles him out of his daze. “Looking for Kyungsoo?”

“Geez, hyung, don’t do that.”

Seungsoo took a seat and chuckled, “You didn’t answer my question.”

Jongin blushed and nodded, “Yeah, I was.”

It didn’t take long before Seungsoo had found out that Jongin had a thing for his little brother, it was kind of obvious with the stares Jongin always gives Kyungsoo. Jongin had spluttered when Seungsoo asked him about it, but he was also thankful that Seungsoo didn’t mind.

“Well, he’s not here yet. He’s probably with Baekhyun and Chanyeol.”


The older man watched as Jongin continued eating his ice cream, “You really like him, huh?”

Jongin looked at him and nodded.

“Even though he wouldn’t talk to you or even spare you a glance?”

The tanned boy grumbled but he still nodded.

“Does Kyungsoo like you?

 “What? You said it yourself, hyung, he doesn’t even spare me a glance and always tries to avoid me,” he said and finished the last of his ice cream.

Seungsoo leaned back in his chair, “You’re not gonna try to ask him out?”

“He wouldn’t talk to me.”

“You won’t know unless you give it a try.”

“I did try, hyung,” Jongin sighed, “I’ve tried many times but he just wouldn’t give me a chance.”

Seungsoo looked at the boy. He feels bad for him and he wants to help.

Just then, Kyungsoo walks in. “Hey, hyung,” he mutters a quick greeting, pointedly ignoring the other boy and his little pout.

“Hey, Soo.” Seungsoo gave Jongin a nudge, “Aren’t you going to say hi to him?”

“H-Hi, Kyungsoo hyung,” he manages to say.

Kyungsoo looked at Jongin. After a beat of silence, he nodded and resumed walking to the back room.

Jongin’s heart raced, there was still no smile, but at least Kyungsoo acknowledged his presence.

He grinned at Seungsoo, unable to hide his happiness.

“Wow. Look at you,” he couldn’t help but to smile, “he only gave you a nod and yet you’re so happy. You’re whipped, dude.”

The younger boy didn’t even bother to deny it, “I am.”

After a few minutes, Kyungsoo walked into the room. “Were there many customers today, hyung?”

“Hmm…There were a few more than usual, but everything went smoothly. No thanks to you,” he glanced at his brother.

Kyungsoo grinned sheepishly, “Sorry, hyung.”

“It’s fine.”

Jongin looked at the clock and remembered that he had something to do later that evening.

“It’s getting late, I have to go.”

“You have plans?”


Seungsoo noticed his brother looking in their direction, so he decided to try something.

“Aww, is Jonginnie going on a date?” he teased, all the while gauging his brother’s reaction out of the corner of his eye. He had to bite back a smile when Kyungsoo frowned as he, too, waited for Jongin’s answer.

Jongin laughed, “As if. I’m babysitting my little cousins tonight. Their parents are going out for their anniversary dinner.”

This time Seungsoo held back a laugh when he saw the relief on Kyungsoo’s face. So he likes Jongin too…

“See you tomorrow then.”

Jongin waved them goodbye as he stepped out of the door.

After he left, Seungsoo turned to Kyungsoo with a knowing grin plastered on his face.



Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and went back to wiping the counter.

“Soo-yah, don’t you think Jongin is really hot?”

The older man smirked as Kyungsoo spluttered, very much like Jongin when he confronted him, “W-What?”

“Oh, you know. He has a nice smile, deep brown eyes, tanned skin, and not to mention those muscles on his arms. Damn…”

“I-What are you talking about?” Kyungsoo was starting to feel his cheeks burn.

“You know what I’m talking about. He has a nice personality too. And he babysits! How cute is that? I bet he’s really cute and charming once you get to know him.”

Kyungsoo was now gaping at him, “Are you gay?”

Seungsoo shrugged, “I could be. Hey, do you think I should flirt with him? He could help me find out my ual orientation.”

“Yah! You are not going to flirt with my schoolmate as your experiment!”

The older man raised an eyebrow, “All of your schoolmates,” a pause, “or just Jongin?”

Kyungsoo halted. “A-All of them, of course. It’s not nice to treat someone like an experiment, hyung.”

“Well, Kyungsoo, it’s also not nice to be mean to someone when all they’re trying to do is be nice to you.”

The younger boy kept his mouth shut and looked at his brother.

“Soo, what happened between the two of you?”



So Kyungsoo began telling his brother how he and Jongin met at the talent show during the school festival three years ago.

They hit it off quite well and hung out often after the festival. Kyungsoo realized that he was developing feelings for Jongin a few months into their friendship, but he didn’t avoid Jongin. In fact, he accepted his feelings and he was happy with Jongin around. He had even considered confessing.

Things started to go downhill during the second year of knowing each other. Jongin’s group of friends had found out about Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s relationship, so they began taunting and insulting them at every chance they get. Kyungsoo was mad at them because those two are his best friends. He wrongly accused Jongin of telling his friends about Baekhyun and Chanyeol so he started avoiding him.

When Chanyeol was admitted to the hospital because of the bullies’ stupid prank, Kyungsoo became furious. He was blinded by his own fury and officially ended his friendship with Jongin and told him straight up to never talk to him again. He also got in a fight with the bullies. Of course, Jongin doesn’t know of the fight, or else he would’ve helped him.

“So that’s why you came home with bruises that day.”

Kyungsoo glared, “Don’t interrupt.”


After the incident, Kyungsoo only hung out with Baekhyun and Chanyeol, completely disregarding Jongin and his attempts to explain and patch things up.

Eventually, Jongin stopped and accepted the fact that he would be stuck with Sehun and Tao, the only two from the group who chose to be friends with Jongin instead of homophobic bullies. He saw less of Jongin each passing day until he never sees him anymore except during school performances.

He also told Seungsoo how he hadn’t known that Jongin would sometimes defend his friends and received insults himself when he did.

When his two best friends graduated, Kyungsoo still kept avoiding Jongin no matter how much they told him that it wasn’t Jongin’s fault and that he didn’t deserve the cold treatment.

By the end of his story, Kyungsoo’s eyes were wet with unshed tears. He was upset because he finally realized that Jongin never did treat his friends any differently than before he found out they were gay. He was upset that he let his hatred towards the bullies to affect his friendship with Jongin. He was upset that he let his chance of being with Jongin slip right through his fingers. But mostly, he was just upset with himself.

Seungsoo patted him on his shoulder, “He doesn’t deserve the way you treat him, Soo.”

“I know that now.”

“Do you regret it?”

He nods and the tears finally fall from his eyes. Seungsoo hugged him and rubbed comforting circles on his back.

“It’s okay, Soo.”

“N-No, it’s not,” he sobbed.

The older man sighed, “Do you still have feelings for him?” he asks even though he knows the answer.

Kyungsoo nods silently against his shoulder, “But it’s too late,” his tears keep falling.

Seungsoo pulled away slightly to look at his brother, “It’s never too late, Soo.”

His brother was stubborn, “It is. I had my chance and I blew it!”

The older man gently wiped his brother’s tears away, “Yeah, you blew it. But right now, life is giving you another chance at love, why not take it?”

The boy was silent for a while before he nodded, “Fine, I’ll give it a try.”

“Good,” Seungsoo smiled, “now go wash your face and get back to work.”

Kyungsoo groaned.



Jongin went straight to the ice cream shop this time, deciding to forgo the park. Babysitting had drained him last night, the little people were like balls of energy. The bell jingled as he entered.

“Good afternoon, Jongin.”

“Good afte—“ his eyes widen when he saw Kyungsoo at the counter instead of Seungsoo. “Kyungsoo hyung?”

Kyungsoo chuckled, “Who else?”

“Where’s Seungsoo hyung?”

“He has some errands to do,” he pouted slightly, “You don’t want me to serve you?”

Jongin answered quickly, “No, don’t take it the wrong way. It’s just…different.”

His heart started beating against his ribcage when he saw the smile Kyungsoo flashed at him. He’s smiling at me! Oh my gosh!

Before he could start hyperventilating, Kyungsoo asked him which flavor he wants.

“Vanilla? Again?” Kyungsoo raised a brow at him.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, it tastes good,” he shrugs.

Jongin couldn’t take his eyes off Kyungsoo’s smile as he scoops up the ice cream. He looks so precioouusss! Oh my freaking g—

“Here you go,” Kyungsoo said, stopping his inner fanboy from going overboard.

“Thanks.” Jongin also thanks the heavens because his fingers didn’t shake.



Over the next few weeks, Jongin is always greeted by his favorite hyung every time he visits the shop, with no hint of hostility! And his mood can’t get any better.

He even started seeing more of Kyungsoo in school.

Then one day, much to his surprise and delight, Kyungsoo joined him in the cafeteria for lunch.

“Hey, Jongin.”

“Hyung!” Kyungsoo didn’t bother hiding his smile at the other’s excitement.

“Is this seat taken?” Kyungsoo asks while pointing to the seat next to Jongin.

Jongin shook his head no.

Kyungsoo sat down while Sehun and Tao gaped at them.

“Close your mouths, guys. You’re gonna swallow a bug.”

They continued to gape causing Kyungsoo and Jongin to snicker.

They burst out laughing when Tao actually swallowed one.



“Hyung, I have something to ask you.” Jongin says one day when they were waiting for a bus together for the first time in so long.

Kyungsoo looked up at him. “What is it?”

Jongin hesitated a bit before voicing the question that had been bugging him, “Have you forgiven me?”

He felt his heart drop when Kyungsoo sighed. Okay, brace yourself, Jongin. Here it comes! He’s going to say that he was just nice to you because you’re a regular at their shop and he wants nothing more to do with you.

“There’s nothing to forgive you for, Jongin-ah,” were the words that came out. “If anything, I should be the one to apologize.” Kyungsoo kept his gaze on the cement floor.

“I’m sorry, Jongin-ah. I’m sorry for not listening to you. I’m sorry for accusing you. I’m sorry for being a bad friend. I’m sor—“ Jongin cut off his rant with a hug.

“I forgive you.”

Kyungsoo wrapped his own arms around Jongin. “Thank you, Jongin-ah.”

“No problem, hyung.”

“Drop the formalities, Jongin.”

The taller boy tried to pull away to look at him but Kyungsoo had a firm grip around his waist and clung to him. Not that he minded.

“Just call me like how you used to.”

“Sure thing,” he paused for dramatic effect, “Kyungie.”

Kyungsoo buried his face in Jongin’s chest to hide his blush while Jongin snickered. He was enjoying this way too much.



Jongin and Kyungsoo went back to being best friends pretty quickly after that and they often spend time together. They usually hang out at Soo’s Scoops so Kyungsoo can still help out, sometimes Jongin joins in, too.

Like today, they sat on a couch in the back room enjoying some delicious ice cream while Seungsoo tends to the customers. The shop is quite successful and popular, thanks to ice cream being a favorite treat for many and Seungsoo’s overall niceness.

They’re eating out of the cups this time to avoid the ice cream from dripping onto the couch and floor because Seungsoo said, “Do you want ants? ‘Cause that’s how you get ants.” Pretty ironic considering they’re in a shop that sells ice cream.

Kyungsoo watches as Jongin keeps spacing out, his ice cream melting slowly in his cup. He hesitates for a moment before gathering enough courage to lean over and kiss Jongin right on the lips.

He felt Jongin stiffen but he didn’t pull away, so Kyungsoo took that as a sign that he can continue. His heart did somersaults when Jongin responded by kissing back. They both pulled away when their lungs burned for oxygen.

Jongin looked at him with a dazed expression, it was like he wasn’t sure this was reality.

Kyungsoo chuckled and gave him a quick peck. “I like you, Jongin.”

It took a while for Jongin to process his words, and when he did, “You do?”

The wide-eyed boy nodded.

Jongin broke out into a big smile, “I like you, too, Kyungsoo.”

Kyungsoo chuckled again, “I know.”

“How’d you know?” Jongin didn’t think he was that obvious, he knew Kyungsoo was dense enough to never notice his advances.

“Baekhyun told me.” Ah…that makes sense.



Baekhyun hummed in response. He was debating on whether he should tell Kyungsoo. I’ll just tell him, it’ll probably help these two idiots-in-love get together.

“I bet you don’t know this, Kyungsoo, ‘cause you’re dense, but Jongin has a crush on you.”

Kyungsoo eyes became wider than they already were, “Are you joking, hyung?”

“I’m not. He wanted to confess to you but then, you know, stuff happened.” Baekhyun shrugged and went back to rearranging the books. “I’m not sure if he still has a crush on you, but he did, and it was pretty bad. Oh, the looks he always gave you,” he chuckled, “and the way he always followed you around like a lost puppy, it was so cute.”

“And when you kept ignoring him, he would stare at you from behind a bush at the bus stop,” he realized, too late that it sounded wrong, “but don’t call him a creep! It was the closest he could get to you without receiving a death glare.”

He turned his head towards Kyungsoo who was looking at him with disbelief etched on his face. He sighed, “Give him a chance, Kyungsoo-ah.”

-end of flashback-


“Wait, so if you knew, why did it take you weeks to confess?”

Kyungsoo blushed, “I wanted to make sure you were still interested,” he said while swirling the melted contents in his cup.

“You didn’t have to do that, ‘cause I’ll always be interested in you, Kyungie,” Jongin said with a goofy smile on his stupid handsome face.

He laughed as Kyungsoo’s blush deepened.

“So… am I your boyfriend now?” Jongin asked.

“If you want to be...”

“Duh, of course it’s a yes!” he replied as though it was the most obvious answer in the world. He took Kyungsoo’s cup of ice cream and placed it on the nearby table along with his.

“Aren’t you gonna finish yours?”

Jongin cupped Kyungsoo’s face gently in his hands and leaned in. He watched his boyfriend’s eyes fluttered closed before leaning the rest of the way in to reattach their lips. He whispered his next words against soft, plump lips.

"You’re sweet enough.”






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P.S This is Tao choking




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