Seven Senses


He's different from the others.

He inherited his mother's deadly ability - with a vengance.

Sehun can taste, see, feel, smell and hear like the others around him but it's his sixth and seventh sense that makes him extraordinary. 

Not only can he see one's death day, whenever he looks into someone's eyes, he can feel the shocking pain of it too.


Sehun’s got his mother’s deadly gift, he’s cursed with the same ability his mother had, well, even worst. His mother was one who could see death dates. When Sehun was born with the same ability, it was kept a secret. Doctors believed that he cried often because he was what they called a sickly child. That wasn’t the truth, not even close.

From the day Sehun was born, he could see someone’s death date and that wasn’t it; he inherited his mother’s gift – with a vengeance. Sehun can see the day of someone’s death and feel the shocking searing pain of it too. Unlike others who had the original five senses, Sehun seemed to have another two; he was able to see and feel death.

He avoided eye contact at school as much as he could. Being that he was a senior in high school, he’s been in school for a while now. Sehun wished that he could just graduate and get the hell out of there forever because he hated having to feel the pain of everyone around him.

Sehun wants to leave Seoul High for good until this one day when he meets a girl named Minhee. Despite the fact that he hates eye contact, no matter how long he stares at her, he sees and feels nothing. 

FYI :  If you see a spanish/any other language translated version of this story please let me know because I did NOT give anyone permission to do so!! 

UPDATE: 2/19/15 - I got featured! 
Thank you everyone for your love so far! Comments are much appreciated!! 

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*Disclaimer: I haven't read the actual book, just the summary ^^;; 

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typing up chap 19 and im crying T^T

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201 streak #1
Chapter 6: Oh my god Im crying. Sehun no :( my baby I need to keep him safe and happy
Chapter 26: What a rollercoaster ride! thank you for your hard work authornim :)
shanette #3
Chapter 26: I wish Sehun will tell them their future. I want it to be prevented..

Gosh what a wonderful rollercoaster this is..
I love it
58 streak #4
Chapter 28: awwk authornim this story is so good.i will definitely miss sehunxminhee and their loud n chessy friend.
Chapter 27: They were so damn corny and cheesy during the DisneyLand trip and I love it
Chapter 10: Wait wait this is not a spoiler but I think if you can't see someone's reath day that means he or she is your soulmate and I think Minhee's got a power to remove nightmares or heal someone
kookie04 #8
The concept is the same as His Barcode Tattoo
faraelia99 #9
Chapter 28: Hi, I read this story again and I'm sorry that I didn't comment before. Anyway, this story is amazing. I really love it ^.^
Chapter 26: Sooo cute