It's a Date!


Time for Jinyoung to confess his affections for sweet Mark and what better way to do it than a date followed by dinner at a hotel?  It would have been perfect... if it weren't for Jackson!


I'm sorry.  I couldn't hold it in.  I really tried, I did.  

I recently (today) got into GOT7 and the boys are killing me.  My bias, Mark, is just too pretty for me not to screw up his innocence with a teriffic oneshot.  I had trouble deciding if I wanted MarkSon or JinMark so... I decided on JinMarkSon.  What?  I'm greedy.  I want my cake with all them sprinkles and cherries, and you bet your I'm gonna eat it too.

WARNING: This story contains toe-curling fluff and HOMOUAL THEMES.  As in... THERE WILL BE HOT GAY .  Read at your own discretion.

To all my Love Me readers, Dolls readers, and Daely Digest readers... just know that I tried really hard to fight back the erse thoughts.  I really did.  And I love you all.

Hi readers! If you liked "It's A Date", please check out my new MarkSon fic called "Days of Light"!
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