I Knew You Were Trouble

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It started with a kiss.

The light brush of her lips against his caused an instantaneous spark, which soon evolved into a wildfire of emotions and chaos.

It was a new beginning.

He is a heartless bad boy and she is a tainted good girl.

With dark secrets from their pasts chasing them and haunting their every day lives, it is impossible to live in peace.

He is prepared to fight.

She is prepared to run.

But nothing could prepare either of them for the unexpected relationship that blooms between them.

It ended with a kiss.

Just as sweet as the first but with an added taste of saltiness as tears mixed into their intimate kiss.

It was a tragic ending.


main cast

Kim Taehyung (26) 
Kim Taehyung is aloof, fierce, and carefree.
He’s a wandering spirit caught up in the chaos of all the shady business downtown in Seoul. When a nosy new neighbor comes barging into his life, he warns her to stay away from him and all his dark secrets if she doesn’t want to get hurt.
Kwon Jisoo (22)
Kwon Jisoo is optimistic, loving, and mystifying.
She’s a new resident in the shady apartment building in downtown Seoul. Her cold, unfriendly neighbor sparks her curiosity much to his dismay. Despite his intimidating exterior, she is not frightened; after all, she has some dark secrets of her own.

track list

2NE1 - Good to You

2NE1 - If I Were You

Bae Seulgi - Tiresome

S.M. Rookies Wendy - Because I Love You

Big Bang - Monster

G-Dragon (ft. Jennie Kim) - Black

Son Dambi - Bad Boy

SNSD - Mistake

Baek Ahyeon - Sad Song

Baby Soul - No Better than Strangers

i knew you were trouble

I knew you were trouble when you walked in

So shame on me now

Flew me to places I'd never been

'Til you put me down

I knew you were trouble when you walked in

So shame on me now

Flew me to places I'd never been

Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground

Lovely poster by mochi & mochi :)
Poster by Infinite Possibilities~





I'm new to this site yet I've already posted two stories. After only reading fics for years I've decided to venture out and try writing one for myself. This fic is a bit dark but there won't be any graphic scenes or anything. I love BTS (if you couldn't tell by my username) and this is my first BTS fic so I hope you guys will like it! Comment below and hit that subscribe button. I promise I won't disappoint you with my story :)
By the way, this story contains profanity and a little bit of violence but nothing too graphic. I'm just letting you know ahead of time but honestly, it's nothing intense. 
Credits for the awesome main poster to -slytherin from Infinite Possibilities!!!
Never in my dreams would I think my first story on AFF would get featured. I'm so grateful to all of you for supporting me <3 Thank you all so much! ;___;

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143 streak #1
Chapter 33: I LOVE IT !! It was really sweet and well-paced :) The storyline was pretty interesting, the characters were well-developed and the ending was perfect. I wished for more sweet moments ;) Would be reading more of your stories. Thank you for the amazing story <3
250 streak #2
Chapter 33: Ekhem.
okay, the feels are away, I calmed down.
HELL NO, THEY AREN'T, THIS STORY WAS TOO GOOD FOR THE FEELS TO JUST GO AWAY LIKE THAT *o* No, but seriously. This story was amazing. I loved Jisoo and Taehyung so much! Spoiler alert!: Both of them went through a lot, but I'm sure that after meeting again all these years later they had the peace they deserved.
Also, thank you so much for not killing the boys and giving Jisoo and Tae a happy ending. ;_; even if Tae got hurt by Shihyuk, I'm sure it won't be too much of a barrier in their lives

Your writing was also great which made me enjoy the story even more. I hope you weren't annoyed with my comments heh And thank you for all the hard work you put into this story. Thank you. <3
250 streak #3
Chapter 32: I'm seriously so scared of the next chapter. What exactly happened!? What will be revealed? But I believe in Jisoo and Tae >_<
250 streak #4
Chapter 31: Wait, "be able to"!? Don't tell me he... He lost... But... What.
Well, at least my sixth sense was right about who would show in this chapter. XD
250 streak #5
Chapter 30: I really need to check how Ballet Slipper Pink looks like. I have a guess, but I need to make sure lmao.
I'm really worried about Taehyung tho. I hope he will be fine :/
250 streak #6
Chapter 29: I felt like Jisoo would see/encounter Namjoon that day, i don't know why. XD But Chimchim was a pleasant surprise for me, and even bigger for Jisoo haha
250 streak #7
Chapter 28: My heart feels lighter knowing that all the boys are alive. I'm curious why would they only give her just glimpses of themselves, but maybe they're not ready to show up in front of Kitty yet. Ahh, that nockname! I missed it so much! <3
250 streak #8
Chapter 27: The epilogue has 7 chapters, BTS has 7 members — coincidence? I don't think so!
But I can't believe that the boys are so old. It's so weird imagining them being like over 30. Jsiabakcnav.
250 streak #9
Chapter 26: I'm sobbing, I'm weeping, I'm crying. How could that bastard run away!? If only he didn't have a gun. Everything would be alright now. But he just had to shot Jisoo +~+ What an ! I hope that the boys will find Bang quickly and show him a lesson, so all of them can come back to Jisoo. Their Kitty needs them!
250 streak #10
Chapter 25: "Go to Hell."
"I'll save you a seat."
It was the most badass line everrrr! You go Taehyung! And when he said that line about being more afraid to not being able to come back to Jisoo than standing in front of Shihyuk's gun was also worth of Oscar. Oh, I was also mindblown when it turned out that the two bastards were working together. Seriously, who could've known?? Simply woah. Seriously, applause. I'm trying to stay positive though. Everything will be alright in the next chapter, I'm (not really) sure of it! ^_^