Terrible Musician


Terrible Musician



`I'd give it to you.
Although it was a bit awkward,
I want to give it all to you.
I give it to you. 

To me, who sometimes cries and laughs, it’s only you.
For you, the moment I first saw you -
With short hair and a pretty school uniform,
I only remember that image.

You can’t go anywhere.

You have to only look at me too.
I don’t know why my heart is like this,
I only think of you always - 
I’ll become a rhythm and a song...  
And sing it for you.



"I dedicate this song to you. Even if I'm a terrible musician, I'd give it to you."



Submission for » polyamorous ☆ writing contest





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Giving thanks to goldenblood at poised royalty for the beautiful poster and background!


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