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I kinda read lots of fanfiction on aff. There are so many but it is still little bit hard to find the original and atractive one—the kind of ‘I will read this again later’ or ‘this is one of a kind’; and yeah I make this fanfic list to help you find them based on my experience reading (so, this would be subjective). The stories that recommended here are complete and indeed well written, have an interesting plot, and good characteristic. Also, if there were any flaw, I’ll mark it in my short review. So don’t hesitate to try click on the story link.

I actually seem would recommend most of oneshot, slice of life, angst, EXO and BTS fanfic,  and also psychological. I am okay with both het and (also yuri sometimes). I love plot twist and logic ending. I don’t really strict about grammar because me myself not using english as first language.

These would be based on my favorite; but you also can give me some recommendation, whether the story is yours or your favorite. I’ll try reading them and if I found it amazing, I’ll put it straight at this recommendation list.


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Hello! I'd like to suggest you my own fic, is that fine?

kyungsoo x oc / romance, comedy, slice of life
jangujung23 #4
Chapter 57: Sweet talk
AbbyMaitland #7
I'd like to recommend this story, it gave me so many feels, maybe you might like it too? :3
It's a (Sehun x Kyungsoo) I think it's very witty, the writing style is quite unique too. The author is also currently writing it's sequel :)
snc1912 #8
can someone help me finding this fanfic? its exo's but i forgot who was in it. its historical and the oc's parents was the bodyguard for the queen and king but they got killed while protectiong the queen and king. the queen lost the baby she was pregnant with and the king died. one of exo members that i forgot blamed her for his mother's lost and fathers death.
unni_fanna #9
Ada ff yg indonesia nggak kak? Butuh banget soalnya ff indonesia