Pull Me Under

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                                    "She was drowning, but nobody saw her. She wouldn't let them."

She wanted to relive that day. So every day she did, hoping that it would bring her closer to him.

Every day he never knew what this strange girl was up to until he realized . . . she was drowning herself.




  • suffocating in water
  • suffocating in life
  • suffocating in your memories
  • suffocating in your mind
  • suffocating in who you are
  • suffocating in who you'll become








WARNING: Suicide. Trigger of the word "." This story is partly based on my life. This oneshot contains roughly 19,000 words. It is a story that connects with Royally Screwed and features Sehun. It is neither a prologue or a sequel. It takes place during the same time, but I consider it a seperate story and a stand alone story. You don't have to read Royally Screwed to understand Pull Me Under and vice versa. Well, I guess, you do have to read Pull Me Under to understand Royally Screwed, but it's no big deal if you're not a reader of Royally Screwed in the first place.

Well, pretty much I was inspired by the word “drowning” which can be used metaphorically and literally. This idea has been on my mind for a while, and with the help of many quotes and sad songs, I was inspired to finally write this story.

This oneshot is an entry for CFdorks, EXOplosion, The Female OC: A Writing Contest, and Summer-Time Writing Contest. It was recommended by get2herheart and littlemisshappyify.

Disclaimers: I do not take credit for the pictures and gif used. The drowning quote in the next chaoter is from google. It is not mine. The "drowning" definitions are my work though.

Don't plagiarize. Just don't. I won't grant anyone permission to translate or repost my story again, whether you rewrite it or tweak it. I don't want my story used in any way without my consent and especially posted on sites I don't visit when it just creates more opportunities for plagiarism. No distributing offline too! This story is strictly for AFF. If you see this story anywhere else, then it's been stolen. © Copyright; 2017 Mistressdean All Rights Reserved.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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*changed name from "colorfulsky" to "mistressdean"


I would have never thought this story would surpass 100 upvotes. Does my oneshot really deserve it? I am utterly honored.

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tardis356 #1
Felt crying
tardis356 #2
Chapter 1: So nice story
Chesseltop #3
This was so good. It was emotional and realistic. Will definitely be on my reread list
Will read it again and again.
Chapter 1: Deep, heart-clenching reality. The best thing, aside from the technical proficiency of this story, is how real it is. It takes on bullying in lieu of both first-hand experience and a removed character's experience. It depicts depression with such raw emotions that I can't help but empathize with both characters without necessarily relating to their experience. Really beautiful, well-written and emotional! I'm a late reader, but thank you for this wonderful piece!
129 streak #6
Chapter 2: This is such a great story that related with life
Chapter 2: i enjoyed reading this. thank you!!
Chapter 1: Wow this story got me into my feels!!!!! It was bitter sweet story (more bitter actually) but I really love it!! It hurts that Sehun compares Nameless to his dad.... I'm just left wondering if Namless will seek out Sehun, cuz she has his jacket and the fact her brother is awake...? Idk but I'm just secretly hoping they meet again.
It's interesting to see from Sehun's pov during Royally Screwed time-even though this had some spoilers-but anyway it gave some more insight of his internal struggle and show much development in his character.
Thank you soooooo much for writing this amazing story!!!
lilsquishy #9
i love this story!