Tales of the Prince and the Scholar


Tales of the Prince and the Scholar


Prince Jinki sets out on a journey to see the world in a different perspective

Romance, Action, Angst




a/n: Well, i decided that JongYu deserves their own series ^^

this is a little cliche and all so yeah, typical storyline T.T

Names, places and other stuff in there are completely fictional..

i am quite lazy to research certain acts.

Also it is set in a bit modern times but monarchy still exists.



“Your majesty, Prince Jinki requests your audience.” The enuch announce and King Joongki looked up from his readings and belowed a response.


“Let him in.”


He heard footsteps and before him stood his eldest son.


“Have a seat Jinki, I've been wanting to talk to you. How was your visit to Daegu?” Joongki asked and the prince sighed.


“He usual, it's as if the people aren't aware of the government's efforts of alleviating poverty in this country.” Jinki replied and Joongki gave him a small smile as he read out a decree drafted by the council.


“A decree for increasing taxes on land. A 2% increase is proposed to have larger profit for the provinces of Gyeonggi and Apunjung. What do you think?” Joongki asked and Jinki sighed.


“Go ahead, like that would raise any profits for the government.” Jinki answered and Joongki sighed as he put down the piece of parchment and turned to his eldest son.


“I am going to step down in a few years time Jinki and I expect you to take over the throne.” Joongki said and Jinki rolled his eyes. “To do that, you must have the people's interest in your heart, you must learn to live like them.” Joongki said and placed the unsigned parchment to the pile of for disposal.


“A 2% tax increase on farmers would bring up the price of commodities, this will not do good for the economy. If we increase the tax of traders from China and Japan, we would make local goods more competitive.” Joongki uttered and smiled at the son.


“So what am I here for?” Jinki asked and Joongki grinned at him.


“as part of your training, I will send you to Hwaseong to learn.” Joongki uttered and Jinki slammed his hands on the table.


“That is a farmland province!” Jinki retorted and Joongki only smiled at his son.


“Exactly. You will live like them and learn to understand their life, only then you are to be called worthy to ascend to the throne.” Joongki uttered and handed him a piece of parchment. “Choose 1 servant to accompany you and off you go to a journey. You have 3 days until you leave and a year to return.” Joongki said with a grin and jinki gritted his teeth as he turned and left his father's office.


“Your majesty.” a enuch bowed to him as soon as Jinki left the room.


“Prepare everything for him. Make his identity as discreet as possible.” He ordered and the enuch bowed and left the office.


“Do well Jinki.” He uttered and closed his eyes momentarily

update after two years! kidding...
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