Kids In Love


4 Places. 3 Words. 2 Boys. 1 Summer.

When Minho finally decides that he has had enough of his drunk father and messed up family, he chooses to run away alone and start over somewhere new, away from it all.

As if Taemin could let that happen. Minho was his only friend, his best friend, the only thing that had saved him from the constant bullying at school due to his rich family and small size.

So Taemin did the only thing that made sense: he goes with Minho.

Together, the two go on an adventure into the real world, one without parents, rules, or limits, to discover themselves as well as each other.




Inspired by Kids in Love - Mayday Parade

Those trips in the summer never went so well
Young love is such dumb love
Call it what you want it was still enough

And we were just kids in love
The summer was full of mistakes we wouldn't learn from
The first kiss stole the breath from my lips
Why did the last one tare us apart


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Chapter 21: i just read everything in a go and this is such a cute story<3333
Chapter 21: Awww, it's such a cute story! I felt really happy reading about their adventure...thanks for a great story!
hunhanpanda #3
Chapter 21: OMG! I LOVE THIS STORY! Now, normally, I don't really ship 2min, but there's always that rare exception, and this is it! This was SOOOOO CUTE! And you said you couldn't wrote in 3rd person! You had me fooled! Anyways, cute story! Thanks for writing it!
Chapter 21: Awwe this is such a cute story
I really, really loved this story! One of the best I've read!
Taemax #6
Chapter 21: Screw you, you made me cry. :'(
God this is perfect.
petrinananana #7
Chapter 21: Loved this story!!!!
[deactivated] #8
Ug, I came across this again and started crying. I loved this story.
CharmmyKitty #9
Chapter 21: Ow...this was beautiful! Really! I cried a little because of happiness when the scene with the birthday cute!
Thanks for this great story!
rianess #10
Chapter 21: THIS! its so lovely! I fell again for minho! and 2min! I super love the story:) DAEBAK!