Some Assembly Required


Sehun gets woken up from his eternal rest, but finds that he doesn’t mind so much after meeting a pretty doll named Lu Han.



Warnings for mild gore and scenes of pain.


Wrote this for Selubration 2k14 and hahaha I'm a skeezy little greeb for being the first to repost.


Also if anyone has questions about the backstory of the characters or anything else totally ask those. I came up with a lot of stuff about the setting and characters that I didn't get to put in the story : C (Or if you don't have an aff account you can feed this thing!


There's a playlist for this thing if anyone's interested


Questions will be complied in this post because I'm a mountain of and I don't want to revise for exams. DO NOT READ THAT UNTIL AFTER FINISHING THE STORY THERE ARE SPOILERS.


I updated the AQ tumblr post! Sorry !! ;;
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