Beautiful Imperfection

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A geek. Nerd. A weirdo. An outcast.

Hyukjae is all of them.

Teachers love him, but kids his age avoid him.

He’s a genius, but fails in socializing.

Though, behind the thick glasses and the long bangs, he has an amazing talent in dancing.

When he meets Jung Yunho, the dancer-turned-idol whom he admires a lot, he bluntly asks him to be his dancing teacher. But what he expects to be a wonderful first meeting turns into a nightmare when he’s humiliated in front of the whole school. He vows to get revenge by getting a makeover, and ends up seeking help from Lee Donghae, one of the popular students who happens to despise Yunho.

Together, they set a revenge plan, and along the way, they learn to know each other.


Title : Beautiful Imperfection

Genre: Fluff (?), romance, friendship

Length: Short-chaptered


CREDITS to Inception Graphic Shop for the wonderful poster



A/N : Since my fics have been getting quite angsty lately, I decide to give my readers a break by posting a fluff. I wrote this back in 2012 but I lost it, then I found the copied version recently so I might as well post it here. This is going to be a short one, a  very light fic you can enjoy to relax your mind.





“D-do you mind if I ask you something?” Hyukjae was stammering, but he was desperate enough to do this.

It was now or never. He might never be able to have this chance again. “Do you happen to know where I can get a makeover?”

“I can help you,” Donghae said, “I’m bored to death anyway. And this seems fun.”

Thank you so much for all the lovely wishes! I'm so happy that this fic is getting featured. Thanks a lot to you readers who've been supporting!

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KiwiPrincess #1
Chapter 5: Aaahhhh its soooo cute.. >.<
226 streak #2
Chapter 5: It's so cute how you showed both of their sides!! But honestly Donghae, we feel the same way ;)) simply can't resist Hyukkie!! I loved this fluffy story and I love my Eunhae!! Thank you for writing this piece~
Chapter 5: Haaaaaa *sigh dreamly*
This story is soo sweet I might die from diabete just by reading it
Cuteness overload >..<
WildDrive #4
Chapter 5: This deserves a lot of upvotes !
[deactivated] #5
Sweet :)
loveliesnear #6
Congrats! Definitely gonna give this a try!
Chapter 5: Awww it was sooooo cute! Loved it! But.. is there like a chance that youll do a sequel for this? Love their characters too! Thanks ♡
peggyw #8
Chapter 5: Very sweet!!!
Although I'm not a fan of Eunhae, this story is really cute~ :)
michbest2 #10
Chapter 5: this story is v cute!!! HEHE