Sisterly Love


Two sisters used to fight a lot- they're five years apart! But when Jessica is in her senior year of college, she comes back for Thanksgiving break. She usually stays at a friend's home or college partying/studying. Meanwhile, Krystal is a popular junior queenka at her school known for her "Ice Princess" attitude that her sister was recognized for as well when she roamed the hallways of SM High as a queenka. She's glad that her sister is in college- they were rivals. Ever since they were young, they would fight over their physical and mental strength, and who was prettier. As children, they fought, but were still "best friends" as far as siblings go. But something happened when they got older; something that shattered that bond ever since they were children. Whenever they were in the same room as they got older, the atmosphere would drop drastically. (A/N: omo! it's the Sica Effect! keke~) So when Jessica arrived at the Jung Residence, a place she hadn't seen for over three years, Krystal was shocked. She was even more shocked when their parents announced that they were going on a trip and would leave Jessica in charge. Another factor was that Jessica's break was long, and their parents wouldn't come back until her break was over, even when Krystal started school. Jessica was supposed to be "responsible". That was another thing that stood in between these two sisters. Their parents expected Krystal to be the "mirror-image" younger sister of "Miss Perfection Jessica". So... two sisters who haven't seen each other for three and a half years, have had a horrible fight that kept them apart, and a sisterly rivalry that makes them need to compete with each other all the time... what will happen? Will these two end up murdering each other after being stuck in the same house together or will being stuck together help re-build their lost bond? Who knows? (A/N: only me keke~ I feel oh-so powerful! HAHA Mehrong~)





Jessica Jung


Age: 22

-SME University

-Current girlfriend: Kwon Yuri

-Krystal's older sister



Krystal Jung


(A/N:   OMO- KRYSTAL UR ABS...... XXXXXXD  *faints*)

-Age: 17



-SM High School

-Current girlfriend: Amber Liu

-Jessica's younger sister

-Junior Queenka

Kwon Yuri



-SME University

-Current girlfriend: Jessica Jung

-Minho's older sister, but Jessica doesn't know



Amber Liu


(A/N: Mian, the KryBer pic was just too cute. Couldn't resist ^_^  and the vids!! :P Sorry got carried away by Kryber vids :P FOCUS)

-Age: 17

-SM High School

-Current Girlfriend: Krystal Jung

-Junior Queenka


Kwon (Choi) Minho


-Age 20

-SM University

-Relationship: Player

-Secret with the Jung Sisters


Im Yoona



-SME University (new transfer student)


-Falls for Yuri and will stop at nothing to make her hers


    (A/N: does anyone know where this was from?? I was looking for Taemin's photo and I found this. Kyaa~ My fave girl group and fave guy group biases together!! soo cute ^_^ ohh nvm its from here if any of u guys wanna see it :) )



Lee Taemin


-Age: 20

-SM University

-Relationship: Innocent :P

-Changes Minho


And a little bonus!!



-Krystal's POV-


"Urggh... who dares disrupt me from my beauty sleep...I needed it desperately too! Last night I stayed at Luna's part until like 3:30 am!! So tired.." *yawn* I got out of bed, walked out of my room, and down the stairs as I heard my parents shuffling around in their room; probably woken by the doorbell as well. I decided to open it myself since they were taking so long. Without bothering to check who it was through the peephole, I yanked the doorknob and waited as the door swung open to see who disrupted us so early on the first day of Thanksgiving break. O. M. G.


-Jessica's POV-

Hmm. Is it too early? I hope mom opens the door. I bet Krystal's still sleeping. She probably went out partying or something last night and is tired. Seems just like her... Why did I even come here? Well this is my last year of college. I never came back home and visited, so maybe that's why I just had this sudden urge to go back home for break. I saw teh doorknob turn, and the door was flung open. OMG. Is that... Krystal?!

"AAAAH!! Y-You!!" She freaked.

"OH sh*t you are taller than me now! NO fair!!!" I smiled, trying to calm her down.

"Krystal? What's the matter?!" MOm's voice echoed down the stairs. Krystal stood there frozen. I'm not a ghost, gosh!

"Mom, I'm home!" I shouted, since Krystal wasn't talking.

"What do you mean? I thought you said you would come home before 11 last night!" So she WAS out partying, probably. ..... wait... Mom thought I was Krystal? Yeah, I guess since our voices sound alike sometimes. Then she came down the stairs, saw me, pushed Krystal out of the way, and gave me a big hug. "HONEY! How have you been? I didn't know you would come!"

"What's going on?" Dad came down the stairs, saw me, an dbroke into a wide smile. "How is Daddy's big girl doing?" He clapped me on the back and brought me inside with all the luggage.

"Come, sit! I'll get you something to drink honey," mom said as she ran into the kitchen. Thanks, mom and dad! Unlike SOMEONE.... guess she still hates me. 

"A-Are you staying?" OH, my lil sis has finally found her voice!

"No, I brought all this luggage just to visit you." I said sarcastically.

"I-I meant fo the wh-whole Thanksgiving break?!"

"Yeah, sure, I guess I can stay that long..." Why am I even here? OH, right, cuz something in my mind just nagged me to come and waste my break here. And I feel bad for Krystal. I've been a bad unnie...

"OMO- that's perfect! We were going to get Krystal a baby-sitter-"

"DAD, I'm not a BABY!"

"And we were going to go on vacation, but now that you're home, you can watch over Krystal, can't you?"

"WHAT! NO!" Krystal's personality is still the same as I remembered. "I'm not gonna stay with her! I'm old enough to take care of myself, Dad!"

"Well Jessica is responsible. We will leave right after lunch and not be back until after school starts again. Probably until Jessica's break is over."

"Sounds great, Dad!" Omo, why did I just agree? Something is controlling me! I still don't get why I came home in the first place...  Krystal stared at me as if I were a creeper trying to her.

"Eww! Don't even get near me or come into my room!!" She screamed as I came closer to her and tried to give her a hug.

"I can't even give a hug to my dongsaeng? " I whined, giving a cute pout.

"Aissh fine Jessica."

"Not Sica Unnie?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Unnie...." When she finally accepted my hug, I smirked, and slowly brought my hand up to her and pinched it, something that we used to prank each other with all the time keke~ I am so evil! She squealed, and I ran.

"JESSICAAAAAAAAAAA! YOU- if I catch you, you will SOOO PAYY!!" Our parents laughed heartily as they haven't seen this in ages. Where to run, where to run?I haven't been here in so long; everything looks different. OH NO she's gaining! I quickly ran up the stairs and into a room that I then remembered to be Krystal's. Oh great... She ran in straight after me and pinned me against the wall, ready to beat me up.

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