In that bus on the Summer day


I make my way quickly towards the bus. I don't want to miss the bus. Not this time. While I'm walking faster, I also make sure no one would recognize me, my appearance here. Things would get worse for sure. I hold my bag pack tightly, wear my hoodie, and walks as fast as I could. Inside, I pray no one would notice me. 

Finally, I manage to hop in the bus. After giving my bus ticket, I make my way to the most back seat in the bus. There, I see a figure of lady. The lady that I never forget. She's smiling at me like she use to. She still got that angelic smile. God, this lady is still beautiful as always.

I take my seat beside her.

"I'm glad you make it Sehun-a" She say to me.

"Anything for you jagiya"


Halowwwwww!! xD

Last night before I slept I suddenly got inspiration to make Sehun fics. I felt so lazy to get up and type it last night since its already near 1 A.M at my place. So, I decided to type it the next day which is today. And jjan! here~~ Enjoy it. :) Do comment and subscribe..maybe... and also upvote... ? XD  

Like always, sorry for my bad bad English /sobs/ Grammar mistake, yes, I think there is.. Mian.. ㅠㅠ


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Chapter 2: oh my gosh :O :'(