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Demon Soul (New Girl Group) [APPLY OPEN]

Username: minwoo_key_fan1


Character Name: Yu Ha Ni
Stage Name: Scarlett
Age and Date Of Birth: June 28th 1994 Age 17

Height: 176cm
Weight: 47kg

Family: Dad( Yu Song Jung age 45) Mom (Yu Soo Hee age 42) Brother (Yu Ha Min age 19)
Sibling Appearance:

Personality: Scarlett is a girl who is quiet yet very fierce and pretty. She really doesn't talk  much but when she talks her voice is like an angel. She has a stare that will NOT make you go "aww so cuutee!" But will make you melt. She has an amazing stare and when she smiles she looks really gorgeous. She hates sports but looks like the type who loves sports. She is a very calm person. She is not boy crazy, in fact, she hates guys. She thinks guys only always break your heart so she promised to herself to never ever fall in love. Her friends describe her as an pretty devil, because of her mischief. Her brother, and her always get along. They are the same. They go to each other when they need advice. They never fight and love each other. There is one thing different from her brother than Scarlett. He has a girlfriend named Lee Min Soo. Min Soo is a sweet girl, who is the opposite of Scarlett and Ha Min, but i guess they are together because opposites attract!



- Anything with skulls

- The color red (her name is Scarlett for a reason)

- Watching TV

- Rapping, Singing, Dancing

- Eating

- Cooking

- Calmness

- Tidiness 



- Being Messy

- Waking up early

- School

- Pranks (only on herself)

- Fighting

- Getting Hurt




- Tapping foot when annoyed

- Starring at the floor when listening to music

- Biting Lip When thinking

- Crossing legs when sitting

- Scoffs silently when jealous

- Making random remarks when things get awkward



- Reading

- Dancing

- Singing

- Rapping

- Texting

- Shopping

- Having Fun


Style (Casual) :

Style (Stage Outfits) :



Style (Formal) : 

Extras like Tattoos, Piercings and Shoes:

Position: Main Rapper/Sub Vocal

Partner: Jaehyo(Block B) and Woohyun( Infinite)

Rivals: Serri



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