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I'm Now His Slave??!! (Editing in Process)

Hey people!! I made a little mistake on the foreword thing. I was just re-reading it when I realized that I put "He has a secret" under the wrong person. It was suppose to be under Kibum!!! Sorry for that mistake and yes it has a lot to do with this story :P. Anyway let's continue!!

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Chapter 10

*Okay, Minyoung. You can do it. This is your chance.*

When I got out of Kibum's car, we both walked to our class. When I entered the classroom I heard a loud, "Noona!!!!!!!" And I was suddenly tackled by the maknae of the kingkas. I laughed and patted Taemin.

"Still doing this?"

Taemin just blinked in confusion at what happened, then he slowly looked up to me. He tilted his head. "Why didn't you dodge me?"

"Why would I? You always keep trying to tackle me everytime I walk in here. So I may as well just get use to it."

After hearing this, Taemin face lit up like the Fourth of July and he hugged me hard. 'Yay!! My noona is back, my noona is back!!" Then he pulled back to pout at me. "Why were you avoiding us? Especially me? How could you avoid an adorable boy like me?"

I patted Taemin's head and gave him a soft smile. "I was just going through some ... problem this past week. But I assure you I'm back now."

"Yay!!!" He was about to hug me again but he was suddenly pulled off of me by Jin Ki.

"Yah! What did I tell you? Stop doing that to her. When will you get it through your head?" Jin Ki said. Then he turned to me and helped me up. "Are you okay?"

I bowed to him. "Yes, Jin Ki." I smiled. "I am."

Then he hit me in the forehead softly. "Now tell me ... Why were you avoiding us?"

I rubbed the spot he hit me on and sighed. "I was just going through some problems. I'm over it now."

"Hmm .. Well you do know. Whatever problems you're going through you can come and talk to me about it."

I bowed. "Okay."

"Minnie!!!!!!" Jonghyun and Minho called out from the back of the room.

"I'm not Minnie!! My name is Minyoung!!!" I yelled at them.

They both stared at me then came running over to me. Minho grabbed my shoulders and smiled. "You're back!! Yay, now I can keep calling you Minnie and you'll love it."

"I don't love it."

Jonghyun pushed Minho away and placed his hands on both sides of my cheeks. He smiled brightly. "You're back you're back!! Hurray, I can call you Minnie and you'll hate it!!"

"I definitely hate it."

"Aw ... I was sure the reverse pshycology would work. Oh well, then I can keep calling you Minnie and you'll be irritated by it!! Hurray!!"

I pushed Jonghyun away then I felt someone hit me lightly on the head with a book. Kibum walked past me and stopped to turn and look at me. His face was unreadable. "Welcome back ... Minyoung."

I gaped at him. Then everyone else started crowding around him and teasing him.

"Aw ... Key missed Minnie like this too." Minho said.

"Does that mean you ... fell in love with her?" Taemin pouted.

Kibum glared at Taemin. "No!!! I don't!!! It's just that you guys were complaining all the time about how MinYoung was like this. I'm just saying that because I'm actually really happy that you guys stopped. It was so irritating." But even though he said that I thought I saw a hint of happiness after what Taemin said... But I don't believe it. just a figment of my imagination.

While everyone was crowding over Kibum I felt myself pulled out of the classroom and I was slammed up against a wall. I saw that it was Soomi ... Of course I wasn't really surprised. Soomi was generally ... Pissed, I could tell that for sure.

"What are you doing now, huh? Didn't I tell you to stop getting close to them?" Soomi hissed through her clenched teeth.

I felt my legs shaking with fear. I was really scared. I felt my bravado disappearing. I wanted to do something, but I afraid of what she would do. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Jiyong observing us. He had a really worried look on his face. Then everything he said last night came back to me. I mustered all of my strength and pushed her away. She was taken back by what I did and I took that chance to slap her. I would've punched her ... but I think that would've been a bit too much.

"I'm tired of being bullied by you. So ... I'm not going to let you do this to me. Besides why are you even bullying me? I'm just Kibum's slave, the Kingkas don't really care about me, I'm just something to entertain them. Anyway, if you want them, then try and do something! Don't just bully a girl because she knows the Kingkas! Now leave me alone from now on!"

With that I tuned around and left her on the floor in shock. I walked up to Jiyong and smiled at him. I gave him a thumbs up. "Thank you Jiyong! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to do that!"

Jiyong worried face was replaced with a happy one and he patted my head. "Good job. I knew you could it. All it takes is just one small hope, and I'm glad I could be that one small hope for you today."

I nodded and we both walked in to the class. Everybody went back to their seat and I went to sit down next to Kibum. I took out two piece of paper, prepared to take two notes, but then Kibum took one paper. I looked at him, confused, but saw that he had a pencil out. *What is he doing?*

Then when Jiyong started the lesson he started taking the notes. *Wait ... Is he actually doing this himself?*

"YAh!" Kibum whispered to me. "What are you doing? Take notes! You're not going to slack behind now are you?"

I blinked at him then I felt a wide smile forming on my face. I nodded at him and went to take my notes. *Yay! He's doing it himself today! I can't believe it. I wonder why though.*

After school was over I was following Kibum to his car. But then I realized that something was missing ... And it was my schoolbag. I grabbed on to Kibum's sleeve. He looked at me in anger. "What do you think you're doing!? Are you trying to ruin another one of my oufit?"

I bowed. "Mianhe! But um ... I forgot my school bag in the class. I have to go and grab it, so I'll be right back!"

"You forgot your school bag? How do you forget your school bag?" Kibum sighed. "Just hurry up. If you don't make it back in 5 minutes I'm going to leave you."

I smiled at him and bowed again. I turned around and ran back into the school. I knew where it was so I quickly ran to my classroom. But when I entered ... I couldn't find it. *I was sure that I left it here. After school Taemin grabbed me and pulled me out of the classroom to show me something he did from his art class. He made a heart. After showing me that Kibum found me and told me that we had to leave, and that's when I forgot about it. So ... It still had to be in here.*

I looked everywhere in the classroom. But I couldn't find it. Then I heard the classroom door opening and closing. I turned and my fear went into haywire mode. Because Soomi was there ... with two other guys. And she had my bag too.

"Well, well. Look at the situation you got yourself into now. Are you ready for your punishment now?" Soomi smirked.

My eyes widened in fear. Then the two guys took a step forward. I took a step back. They took another, and so did I. We continued that charade until I felt my back hit the wall. The two guys smirked and continued forward. I slid down and looked up at them.

Soomi appeared and bent down in front of me. "I won't let them do anything to you unless you tell me that you'll stop getting so cozy with the kingkas."

I shook my head. "I-I won't stop."

Soomi snarled and stood up. "Fine. Boys .... don't go easy on her." She sat down on a desk and smiled evily at me as the two boys started to lean forward to grab me.

Just as soon they were an inch away from me I closed my eyes. *Please, please someone! Someone come and save me.* When they were even closer to me I gave up all hope of someone coming to save me. *I'm going to die. I really am going to die now. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I didn't get to live my dream.*

When they grabbed my arms I started crying. All my hope was gone. But then two voices popped up and I felt my heart burst into happiness.



Whoo chapter 10!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!

Special thanks to Yuya Matsua, whose songs inspired me to write this far. And a little of G-dragon and a lot of SHINee but mostly Yuya Matsua because he's my bias. ♥

I hope you guys liked it so far!!

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