That Spark Thingy

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Does love exist?

Nor does it feel good, just like what other says?

Some says it feels like Heaven

If LOVE does all the Magic then why

suddenly my parents got sepparated?

That's the time everything Dramaticaly Changed...


Characters :


You ( Park Sandara)

Known as “Evil Cold Princess”

22 yrs. old

Hobby: Partying all night long

“LOVE is nothing but a piece of ”


Kris Wu Yifan

Known as: “Cold City Prince”

23yrs. old

One of the member called EXO-M


Park Chanyeol

Known as: “y Derp Prince”

21yrs. old

Also a member of the group called EXO-K 


Kim Jaejoong

25yrs. old

The Ex-Factor of Dara's Life..

He's an idol a member of JYJ


A/N: I WON'T allow any form of stealing (copypaste of some parts and adding something to make it a new one or even copying the whole thing and translate it to another form of language), all ideas here are ORIGINALLY MINE.





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