jealousy doesn't suit you (maybe a little)

Mark Tuan was used to being called a 'pretty boy.' He was used to having girls stealing glances at him and some even flat out staring. He was used to girls asking for his number. He was used to the popularity, to the admiration, to the screaming fangirls he got after debuting in Got7. He wasn't one to brag, but if he had to be honest, then he had to admit- Mark was just used to getting what he wanted (and more.)

If there was anything that Mark wasn't used to, then it had to be one thing: jealousy. 

This wasn't like when Joey, his younger brother, was born and suddenly got all the attention. He understood that a little brother is generally adorable and fawned over, and that the same thing probably happened to his sister when he was born. 

This wasn't like when his friends all got new phones before him, because he knew in the end his parents were saving for something much bigger; like his ticket to Korea and the stardom that followed.

This time, it was a different. There was a different feeling in his chest that won't go away, no matter how many times he tries to convince himself that there was no need to be feeling so jealous. It was stupid, he would say over and over again, it's not necessary, don't let it control you. 

But he just couldn't help it. 

Mark was particularly possessive when it came down to a certain Got7 member. Park Jinyoung, younger by a year and 18 days, mother of the group, and by far the cutest person he had ever met.  He knew that Jinyoung also had some sort of fascination with him as well, openly complimenting him and even kissing him on the cheek whenever he had the chance. That was good. Mark liked that, being the center of Jinyoung's attention.

What he didn't understand was why Jinyoung chose Youngjae as his favourite member, giving him the desired apple slice. He didn't understand why Jinyoung had to place Jaebum beside himself for the paper kissing game. He didn't understand Jinyoung holding hands with the other members, because only he was supposed to be that special. It was no use, Mark realized, because Jinyoung was just being Jinyoung with his excessive sweetness. 

At least, that was what Mark would tell himself during these situations.

This is normal behavior for Jinyoung; he's a natural sweetheart; he's got this mother hen thing going on; you're still the center of his attention and even if he doesn't say it you'll always be his 'pretty hyung.'

Mark didn't like feeling jealous, because he was never good at hiding any negative feelings. It showed on his face, with those sad eyes and huge pout. It even showed in his words whenever he would be a little bit more firm with Youngjae, or his actions towards Jaebum, or any other member he's particularly jealous of that day.  (Sometimes it's even a different member for every hour.)

It was so adorable that Jinyoung never said anything when he would notice. Because ofcourse he notices the sudden change in Mark's expression whenever he does anything with another member, and it always gets him feeling like a giddy school girl being noticed by her crush.  He would make sure to make Mark feel better in the end, but only after enjoying it a little bit. He knew how to make Mark feel better after all, regardless of the situation. 

Jinyoung didn't expect how much the paper kissing game incident would affect Mark though. 

There was the accidental kiss with Bambam- Mark's unamused expression was priceless. Then there  was how he chose Jb as his partner, even though Mark pleaded for it to be him instead (that was the best part for Jinyoung, hearing Mark mutter the words 'choose me instead' and looking so lost that he wasn't chosen.) But he did remember Mark's accidental kiss with Yugyeom as well, and he figured payback was a given. 

After the filming, Mark was a lot more quiet than usual. He didn't even look at Jinyoung (or Jaebum... or Bambam...) throughout the rest of the day. When they got to their dorm, Mark holed himself up inside his room, not even letting Jackson in even if his roommate was pretending to cry and wail infront of the door. It was locked shut and didn't seem like it would open any time soon, and that was when the worry filled Jinyoung.

"Jinyoung, you do know this is kinda your fault, right?" Jackson said playfully when he gave up banging on the door. "Mark is probably burning with jealousy right now." 

Jinyoung didn't take it as a joke, and while there was a little angel cheering in his head that Mark is jealous, there was also this terrible downside. He had to make him feel better, and that meant getting into the room. 

At first, Mark thought the soft knocks on the door were coming from Jackson, who should have been tired by now after all his screaming and banging. He was prepared to ignore it until a familiar voice followed.

"Hyung? It's me. Please open up."

Mark already had a snide comeback in his mind, something like "why don't you go ask Jaebum that instead" but it was in English and his mind was too boggled up to bother translating it into Korean. He didn't realize his body was already making its way towards the sound of Jinyoung's voice until the door was opened and he staring right at his face. 

"Can I come in?" Jinyoung asked nervously. Wordlessly, Mark stepped back and allowed the younger boy to enter. The door was closed behind him. 

A few minutes passed and an awkward silence filled the air. 

"Hyung..." Jinyoung whined (cutely) when he realized Mark still wasn't looking at him. That only made Mark bend his head down a little more and try to interest himself in Jinyoung's camouflage socks. 

He knew it was stupid, but for some reason, Mark felt betrayed. Like having your boyfriend cheat on you, he noted, disregarding the fact that he and Jinyoung weren't technically in a relationship. That made the feeling worse, because there was no excuse for the boiling jealousy he felt then. 

"You're so cute but this is ridiculous."

The words made Mark look up, and good thing too. Jinyoung had managed to get rid of the space between them- that included the space between their lips as well. His lips were soft and it was a different feeling compared to being kissed on the cheek. The weird feeling in his chest melted along with his soul when Jinyoung pulled away and smiled. 

"You should know I like you best," Jinyoung mumbled, allowing a blush to grace his cheeks when he finally realized what he just did. "There's no need to get sad over being jealous. Jealousy is fine because it's cute, but too much isn't like you."

Mark couldn't agree more, letting go of the jealousy that clearly wasn't like him at all. He leaned and kissed Jinyoung another time, just for the satisfaction of getting his face all red and flustered. He mumbled something like, "but if you flirt shamelessly like that again I swear I'll kill everybody." (Okay, his jealousy was gone but he was still pretty possessive.) Which Jinyoung replied to between kisses, "just remember you're the only one I like."

They both ignored Jackson who resumed wailing outside the door about being locked out of his own room.

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