[PL] Catching Sunshine

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Catching Sunshine
The Sun
O Images: 300x300 (main), 30x30 (SNS icons)
O title must be two lines long
O scrollable text container
Coder's Note:
This layout was originally designed for a friend's character on RPR. The SNS icons can be replaced with biases or whatever you want. Otherwise if you wish for different SNS icons, everything is listed in the credits below.
O juuliatorresb (We Heart It)
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bootycamp 0 points #1
Chapter 6: hello! we will use limitless for my rp!
Ridererp #2
Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Limitless.
We will use Limitless for rp. Thanks a lot!
Chapter 4: using SHINE, thank you
Chapter 7: i'm going to use code:limitless and tracker ver.1 for an upcoming project! thank you xx
Chapter 6: Hello! ^^
I will be using limitless but I do have a question though. Is it okay if I modify it slightly?
Chapter 6: using code limitless yayy
Chapter 2: using living up to you. tyvm
stanyou #8
Chapter 10: Chapter 10: using photograph!! and could I ask a question, in the list layout, where there is the links section, if I want to put photos there how do I modify it?
wxrlxck #9
using photograph. thanks!
Chapter 4: Chapter 4: using Shine ! Thanks a lot