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Here are some tips and tricks provided by yours truly. I'm sure that not everyone is aware of those things, so if that's the case I will explain everything as good as possible because I used to be also a noob back then.

The font doesn't seem right. What happened? Don't panic. If you are an OS X user, you might encounter this problem much more often than Windows users because guess what, I'm using Windows. Aside from that did I install a lot of other fonts over the years that I forgot that some may not be web safe. Here's a complete list of fonts I normally use for various layout:

If you need to convert the .ttf file into something more compatible for your device to install, here you go: Online Font Converter

When changing images, those I use seem not to fit in. Please, keep in mind that when changing images, you have to stick to the given resolutions, unless it's otherwise stated. Ask the person who coded the layout or someone who knows how to solve your problem in case you aren't sure.

Why does (said layout) look different in editor mode? Some layouts may look odd in editor mode due to paddings and margins. That doesn't mean they'll look the same way once they're up. Although if you encounter any problems, contact the assigned designer. I'm sure they'll be able to help you out.

I want to change a layout's font size? That is one thing I do not recommend unless you know how to tweak properly. There are layouts out there who require adjustments in some containers when changing font sizes. Please be careful.

Can I change the font family and color instead? You absolutely can in most cases. Do ask beforehand though. One thing I'd like to warn you of ahead though: font families aren't always of the same size (e.g. Calibri 12px = Arial 11px)

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