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Troubled Confession

Hi everyone! 

When I say OMG! Literally, OH MY GOD! Its been 6 years since I’ve written and a couple years of logging on and off. Life kept me so busy that I just couldn’t be active on a daily basis. Before it used to be so much more easy to manage since I was in high school when I created my account with AFF. Now that I’m back, I want to be real with you all and explain for my HUGE HAITUS.
I experienced things the last couple of years, I fell into depression. Writing was my passion and escape, however, depression took that passion for creative writing away. It’s been an intense struggle but I’m in a place now where I feel okay! I know it’s not easy to open up right away about it but if anyone is going through this or have experienced it, there is hope. I may not understand everyone’s own personal journey and I know it’s not always so simple but please know you matter. There is someone that cares and there is a way to get help, whenever you feel ready and are open to it. 
For me, I finally got my inspiration back and I decided to rewrite one of my fics that went on hiatus with me. I am so ready to start working on it. For those who started to read Troubled confession back in 2014, I know it’s a huge risk to start from scratch but I really felt/feel inspired. 
I have no idea what Kpop ships are trending like I used to back in 2013 (crying face) so I will stick to the originals, my boys who turned into men...EXO!
To the ones who have been with me since day one, you know how much I appreciate, love you, and thank you for the tremendous support. To anyone who is new, welcome and thank you for giving my stories a chance!
Let’s enter a new world of drama and experience this journey together. 
November 2020


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