Frenemies in Love

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''I HATE YOU!' Yuri shouted. ''I love you too.'' Kai replied with a smirk as he wrapped his arm around her.

Kwon Yuri and Im Yoona are best friends since childhood, they moved to America for 3 years and moved back to Korea because their parents missed them and convinced them to return after graduation. That was one of the best and worst decisions they have ever made. Making friends,getting in trouble, having fights, breakups, kidnapping and more to come. 


Kwon Yuri  (17)


  • -Positive and friendly,sometimes cold
  • -Beautiful with a great body
  • -Unpatient and always fights back and stands up for people.
  • -Likes dancing

Kim Jong In a.k.a Kai (17)

-Popular in his school

-Known as the bad boy of the school

-Risky and dangerous but calm

-Appears playful and warm to the people he's very close to.

-Passionate,loves dancing

Im Yoona (17)

-Beautiful and has a great body

-Really friendly and good at giving advices

-Hyper but careful at the same time.

-Likes acting

Luhan (18)

-Appears good looking and attractive to girls

-Over protective 

-He's being chased by a gang 

-Likes singing and dancing

Tiffany Hwang (17)

-Very bright and cheerful

-Known for her famous eyesmile 

-Likes shopping

-Likes singing

Oh Sehun (17)

- Good looking Flower boy

-loves to play the guitar and writes his own songs

-Calm and friendly towards everyone



''I would never fall in love with you.'' Kwon Yuri


''Oh yeah? Try me'' Kim Jongin

''You saved me.'' Im Yoona

''If you fall,I will be the one who catches you'' Xi Luhan

''Why is it her?'' Tiffany Hwang

'''s not her.'' Oh Sehun


Note: This is my first story guys,I had it in mind for a really long time and now I finally have the courage to show it to you people of earth. :D

This is my own idea,I didn't plagiarize anything.

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Deeryoonghwae #1
Can't wait to start this great story ^.^
Chapter 40: Omggg~ hahaha typical kai to do such a stun even at their wedding!
Such a perfect ending~
cant ask for more!
Thank you for completing this story!
And thank you for doing such a great job!
really love all the twist of this story and all the little surprises and suspense!
ShiningStar99 #3
Chapter 40: Oh myyy, the ending was very amazing, kaiyul was so adorable and sweet together..and finally, yoona came with luhan..awww, so sweet~ SeFany also looked adorable..I just can't wait the epilogue ^^
Chapter 40: Aww the story is ending already :( I can't wait for the epilogue haha. I loved your story so much, whenever I see your story updated, I would feel a rush of joy. Thank you so much for making this wonderful story, you're an amazing writer! I look forward to reading more exoyul stories from you in the future :) Great job author-nim!
minhoyyuri24 #5
Chapter 40: Wow kaiyul is so cute! <3
DeerLY90 #6
Chapter 40: ahhh finally its LuYoon.. hope you'll make exoyoong story after this.. luyoon maybe..kkk :)
miraaziz #7
Chapter 40: The ending was perfect! Every couple has their own happy ending :D. It's sad that the story has ended ;(. Anyway, good job!
Chapter 40: Kaiyul was perfection hehe
Exoyulforever #9
I must said this story is so good..
keep writing these kinda story
espically exoyul please
Exoyulforever #10
I must said this story is so good..
keep writing these kinda story
espically exoyul please