The Gift

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Just a supernatural story starring Nuest. I love Nuest and supernatural stuff so why not put them together! Please subscribe and enjoy!






"Come on.. come on 3:10 come on~"


Baekho was excited to hear that school bell ring. He fled from his class without a second thought

"Yo Baekho! You coming with us after school to the skate park?"

JR yelled to Baekho. JRs real name was Jonghyun but ever since they decided to try and be a music group, He changed his name to JR for Junior Roayal.. more of a rappers name to him

"After i see what my mom wants i will meet yall up there"

"Mommas boy"

Aron said as he brished Baekhos shoulder on his way to his car

"Well forgive me for caring about my mother instead of chasing girls around"

Aron was that type of friend who felt like he was too cool for anything just because he was from America. A friend that would make you ask yourself 'why am i friends with this guy'

Baekho followed Aron to the car where JR, Minhyun and Aron were posted up with their girlfriends. Baekho gave dap to all his friends except Aron

"You sure youre meeting us?

"Positive bro"

"iight. dont hold out"

Baekho waved bye as he skateboarded home. Baekho was part of what highschoolers called 'The Popular Crowd'. He seemed to be barely making it but thanks to JR, he fet in somewhere. JR and him had been friends since they were about 6 and even now at 17, Baekho still feels alone. Many 'friends' and many girlfriends that he never really liked. When Baekho got home, his mother was at the door with a list

"Ah mom.. really?"

"I just need milk off this list.. and some fresh vegetables from the farmers market. Thats all"

"Are you sure thats all"

"Positive baby"


Baekho hated when his mom called him baby and really hated when she would treat him like one. After getting the milk, Baekho went to the farmers market and didnt seem to see anything his mother asked for.

"aish! this woman is so picky when it comes to her vegetables."

Baekho realized he was coming to the end of the baskets and noticed a small store that he'd never seen before

"You come in search for a gift?"

Baekho jumped when he noticed the little short half blind lady infront of him

"Oh no.. i was just looking at the store"

The lady grabbed Baekhos hand and rubbed it softly

"Oh.. come.. follow me. I have perfect gift for you"

Baekho tried to refuse the lady but there was no use. She kept saying follow her. When he reached the counter, the lady was rolling out a large finely wrapped rectangled box

"I. I cant pay for that!"

"Its free.. My gift to you"

"Your gift?"

"lonely boy need gift. now go before your mother calls"

"How did you... nevermind"

Baekho put the box on his skateboard and pushed it along the sidewalk


Baekho carefully wheeled the box to his house as on the back it was stamped fragile.

"Baekho! wha..what is this?"

"ummm.. its for JR.. its his birthday"



"Ah okay.. what a sweet young man you are"

"Ugh stop it!.. Heres your milk. they didnt have what you wanted"

Baekho handed his mom the milk and slowly and tiredly pulled the heavy box up 8 stairs and into his room. He remembered the lady said wait until you get home so he was sure it was something no one else was suppose to see. Baekho locked his room door to make sure no one would walk in.

"What is this gonna be.. a blow up doll or something. I can just add it to the collection JR and Aron has created for me."

He began to unwrap the gift fast yet carefully

"What the hell is this.. is this a joke"

Baekho circled around the box and looked at it up and down

"A porcelain doll?"

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