Conquering Your Fears


Taeyeon and Tiffany are in a successful duo called Pax based in LA.

Will their relationship survive under the spotlight? 

Yuri has a dark past while Jessica has finally started loving herself and her choices.

Will Jessica be able to break through Yuri's walls and start something spectacular?



I’m merely an avid reader, but I decided to try something new and write a story. Enjoy (?) reading.

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soshi_frvr24 #1
Chapter 3: This is really a great story :) this deserves more views and upvote
adelliew1919 #2
Chapter 24: A superb story. Tks
Chapter 21: Thank you, it's wonderful story.

You're an amazing writer ♥
Chapter 24: ooh, im curious of what's in Henry's diary. (゜-゜) im going straight for the sequel. it was a nice read. (・ิω・ิ)
Just found this fic & I absolutely loved it! Taeny is sweet.. Even though Yulsic isn't together in the end. Now, Im going to read the sequel!
This story is amazing! Love yulsic plot in here & Taeny sweet/bickering marriage relationship.
Oroton #7
Such a beautiful story between YulSic & TaeNy. Im glad that I've found this fic.
Apollo13 #8
Chapter 23: This is such a well-written story & I wonder why I've just found it now... Taeny is sweet as always & I'm extremelly loving yulsic story in here. Anyway, looking forward to read the sequel!:)
perp24 #9
Chapter 24: Wow hahaha I was shocked to read the "The End" in chapter 22 hahaha I didn't see that coming though. I guess it shows how much I enjoy this story haha btw this is the second fanfic i read under you, first was the lone star :) author-nim you're jjang! ;)
facade9138 #10
Chapter 2: ok, this is interesting, author :)