Ice cream

Sunggyu's P.O.V.

"Loser hyung!" Myungsoo said.

"What?!" I said. I'm starting to loose my patience with these kids. 

"Nothing." He said. 

"Then why did you call me?" I said. 

"I just like calling you loser hyung." He said. I sighed. Nothing can change these kids. Not even the managers. Can't they just stop teasing me. 

"Don't feel bad hyung." Sungjong said. At least Sungjong still respects me. 

"Gomawo jong." I said smilling. 

"Myungsoo hyung is always like that... You should get used to it. We've been together for a long time already. " He said. 

"I know but I  tried jong but it was really hard especially Myungsoo's attitude." I said. 

"Then try harder hyung. You need to try harder. Arasseo?" He said.

"Arasseo... Im happy that you still respect me as your hyung and as your leader." I said. 

"That's why your the leader. You should never give up. You can change their ways." He said. 

"Thanks again Sungjong." I said and patted his head. 

"Yah! I'm not a dog." He said. I laughed and I still patted his head. I decided to go out to calm myself down and think about what Sungjong said. I put on my shades and my hat so no one would recognize me. I was walking aimlessly until I bumped into someone. 

"Owww..." A girl voice said. 

"Im sorry" I said and helped her stand up. 

"Now my ice cream is all gone." She said. 

I looked at her and she was pouting. Wahhh.... Ipuda...

"First you bumped me and now you're staring at me." She said. 

"Mianhe..." I said scratching the back of my neck, "I'll just buy you another one." 

"You better buy me another one. That was my favorite flavor. " She said.

"Sure.." I said. 

"By the way who are you?" She said. 

"You don't know me?!" I said shocked.

"Uhmmm no? Why? Are you the president or some VIp that I should care about?" She said. 

"No.. But I'm really famous. Do you know Infinite?" I said.

"Ani...  I never heard Infinite in my whole life." She said. 

"How could you not know infinite?" I said still haven't recovered from my shock. 

"I don't know..." She shrugged. My mouth fell open. 

"Can you just tell me who you are?"  She said slightly irritated. 

"Kim Sunggyu leader of Infinite." I said 

"Im Changra" She said. We shook hands. 

"Lets go buy your ice cream." I said. 

"Ice cream!" She said. 

"Are you a kpop fan?" I said. 

"No not really." She said. 

"Do you like some groups?" I said. 

"I like one.." She said. 

"What group is it?" I said. 

"Tasty." She said. 

"You know tasty but you don't know Infinite." I said and face palmed. 

"Mianhe.. Are you related or something?" She said. 

"No but were from the same company." I said. 

"Never really heard of you." She said. I just sighed. 

"What flavor do you want?" I said. 

"Chocolate." She said. 

"Ajassi 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla ice cream please." I ordered. 

"You're going to order 2?" She said.

"Ne.. One for you and one for me." I said. 

"Here you go." I said as I give the chocolate ice cream to Changra. 

"Gomawo." She said. Before she can her ice cream. I it. 

"Yah! Why did you it!" She said. 

"I wanted to know what Chocolate ice cream tastes." I said. 

"Wae?." She said. 

"I never tasted chocolate ice cream before." I said. 

"Jinjja?!" She said. 

"I don't really like ice cream." I said. 

"A guy who I just met 10 minutes ago just my ice cream." She said. 

"I'm not just any guy. I'm your friend."  I said. 

"Still.." She said. 

"Forgive me." I said.

"No." She said. 

"Please." I said.

"Fine." She said. 

"So can we meet again someday?" I said. 

"Sure." She smiled. 

"Can I have your number?" I said shyly. 

"Sure here it is ************" She said. 

"Here's mine ***********" I said. 

"Ok. I'll see you again next time."  She said. 

"Bye~" I said. 

"Bye." she said. I went back home feeling better. 

(After a few months) 

You seemed nervous ad all dress up today hyung." Dongwoo said. 

"Is it bad to dress up." O said glaring at him.

"No.. But the Sunggyu hyung I know never likes dressing up." He said.

"Today is just a special day." I said. 

"Why?" He said. 

"Secret." I said. 

"Is it your birthday.l" He said. 

"No. You know when my birthday is." 

"Will you confess to a girl?" He said. 

"No!" I said you blushing. 

"You stink at lying." He said. 

"I know." I said and sighed. 

"Don't tell anyone about this." I said. 

"Uhmmm... Too late." He said and opened the door revealing 5 boys eavesdropping. 

"Who told you to eavesdrop on me?" I said eyeing each one of themm they were sweating and shaking. 

"Dongwoo!" They all said. 

"Yah!! Jang Dongwoo!!" I said. 

"I need to go to the bathroom." He said and ran. 

"Is it true hyung?" Woohyun said.

"Do you think I'm joking." I said. 

"Maybe." He said. 

"You hopeless kid." I said. 

"Im not a kid anymore." Woohyun said. 

"Then what do you call yourself?" I said. 

"Adult?" He said. 

"You're never going to be a adult." I said. 

"You're a mean hyung." He said pouting. 

"Thats my specialty." I said. 

"You have to go now." Sungyeol said. 

"What time is it?" I said. 

"It almost 3:30" Sungyeol said. 

"I'm almost late!" I said. 

(Changra's P.O.V.) 

"Did you wait for me for a long time?" Sunggyu said. 

"Ani." I said. 

"Did you just arrived?" He said. 

"Yup." I lied. I've been here for about an hour already. 

"Do you like someone?" He said. 

"Ne..." I said and blushed. 

"Who do you like?" He said. 

"I won't tell you." I said.

"Why?" He said pouting. I won't tell you because it is you. If only I have the courage to tell you. 

"Why do you ask anyway." I said. 

"Nothing..." He said. He was shaking every 5 minutes. He seems nervous and scared. 

"Sunggyu-ah gwenchana?" I said. 

"Huh?" He said. 

"Gwenchana?" I said again. 

"Ne." He said. 

"You seem nervous." I said. 

"I'm not nervous." He said. 

"Then why are you shaking?" I said. 

"Its cold?" He said. 

"cold? Look at the weather its so hot and sunny today." I said. 

"Tell me the truth." I said. 

"You'll know the truth later." She said. 

"Why won't you tell me now." I pouted. 

"I just don't want to tell you now." He said.

"You're so secretive." I said. We continued walking around the park until we both got tired.

"Why did you call me here today?" I said. 

"I want to tell you something." He said. 

"What do you want to tell me?" I said. He took a deep breath and said,

"Remember the first time we've met. We bumped at each other at this very park and  place. You accidentally dripped your ice cream because of the impact-" He said. 

"What are you saying?" I said confused. 

"Shhhh... Just let me continue." He said. 

"Okay.." I said. 

"You were always on my mind. I always get distracted on our practices because I always think about you.  When I'm sad just thinking about your face makes me smile." He said. I can feel tears forming at the corner of my eyes. 

"Sunggyu..." I said. 

"What I'm trying to say is I like you Noh Changra and I like you to be my girlfriend." He said. 

"I don't know what to say..." I said. 

"Its okay of you don't my feelings." He said with a light smile. I was laughing quietly even though I can feel tears rolling down my face. 

"Why are you crying?? Did I say something bad?" He said. 

"Of course not. Its just funny seeing you confess to me." I said.  

"Its not funny." He said pouting. 

"I want to tell you something a long time ago." I said. 

"What is it?" He said. 

"I don't like you." I said. 

"Oh.." He said quietly. 

"I don't like you because I love you." I said.

"Jinjja?!!!" He said. 

"Ne." I said. 

"Saranghae jagiya." He said sweetly.

"Nado saranghae." I said and we kissed. 

"Lets get some ice cream." I said breaking our kiss. 

"My treat." He said.

"Yay~" I said. 

"What flavor do you want?" He said.

"CHOCOLATE!!" I said. 

"Don't be to excited." He said. 

"What flavor will you order." I said. 

"Chocolate also." He said smiling. 

"Now you want chocolate." I said. 

"It was the reason why I fell inlove." He said. 

"Sunggyu... Can you promise not to leave me." I said. 

"I'm yours till death do us part." He said. 


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