Portrait of You


Because all your insecurities are what he finds most beautiful


Who is that man?

Like what you see?

Who is he?



So here I am again lol

I just remembered my promise that when my Frozen Tears reached a hundred subscribers I would write a fluff sidestory and I'm so sorry if this has been long overdue... I can only blame school so lol

But because the original story was an angst, I could only hatch out a semi-fluff, semi-crack romance because I dunno I think I at fluff ;A; but still, I do hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed myself in writing it!

Lots of love!



PS. this will be beta'd by camilasuzuki

PPS. this is a sidestory/oneshot sequel to Frozen Tears

4-17-14 - edited version posted~ <3 

LJ: http://taakenoiodahara.livejournal.com/11331.html
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