Storm's Drabbles

I wrote this because I wanted to show a girl our story.

S T O R Y - T I M E
Once upon a time, there was this peasant boy. He was an and he didn't care if he hurt anyone. But something in him changed and grew up -only a little because let's face it, he's still immature- and he began to realize that hurting people is not fun. Instead of being a dickhead to everyone, the boy decided he would rather make people happy. And that's what he did.
One day, this boy met a princess and he fell head over heels for her. However, this princess wasn't a princess at all. She was a lying peasant. She played with the boy like he was a toy before tossing him away like yesterday's fad. The boy was sad and heartbroken and he confided in his closest friend. She was a peasant like him and they shared their miseries together.
After talking together the boy realized he hadn't been in love with the fake princess after all. It was just the sense of wanting what he couldn't have. Months went by and the boy and his peasant friend grew very close. Close to the point where he believed he could tell her anything. He cared about her a lot and was very protective of her. Even when the villagers questioned their friendship. Then, one night the boy realized he had feelings for his peasant friend. Although he was very nervous and made a complete fool of himself, he confessed to her.
It came to a shock to the girl. She didn't accept or deny his confession, but the boy was simply happy knowing she wasn't going to drive him away like an unwanted pest. Days after, the girl revealed that she too had feelings for the boy. That was when the boy came to see that the peasant girl wasn't a peasant, but she was an absolutely beautiful princess.
Together, the princess and the peasant boy -who is now emperor- are two happy idiots.
T H E - E N D

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