Spare the rod, and spoil the child!


Chanyeol begins his fifth year at Hogwarts on the wrong foot; Baekhyun is an elitist prefect who cannot stay out of trouble for better or for worse (though mostly for worse, unsurprisingly); Yifan has one huge Hufflepuff problem and Kyungsoo is bored out of his mind. Meanwhile, Luhan despairs about Quidditch and life; yes indeed, the year is treating everyone well. However, something seems  to be off, lately. Hogwarts is not in its usual state and it would take a little more than just curiosity for the inquisitive student to find out why.


►Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child (a harry potter!au series)

Genre: Romance, Fluff, OT12, Adventure,  Mystery

Rating: PG-13

Length: multi-chaptered series (20 chapters, an epilogue, and a random bonus chapter)

Pairings: Chanyeol/Baekhyun, Jongin/Kyungsoo, Luhan/Minseok, Yifan/Yixing, and a dash of Joonmyun/Jongdae - on top of a lot of other - more platonic - relationships

Disclaimer: I definitely do NOT own the HP universe or claim to own it, as we all know, HP is a product of JK Rowling's fantastic and wonderful imagination <3


Viet translation, by beijing_kongju: [here]

Russian translation, by aniross: [here]

Indonesian translation, by exogogi: [here]



Side note on the Sorting!

In case each member's sorting is unclear during the read : (in order of appearance)

EDIT: added some trivia on each character for easier reading!

   Chanyeol: Gryffindor

  • ♦ Half-blood. Both his parents are wizards, but quite a few branches of his family are "diluted"  on his father's side, so he is familiar with the Muggle world.
  • ♦ Wand: Holly with a dragon heartstrings core
  • ♦ Pet(s): Bartoc, a huge owl with a constantly dishevelled look, and "Snapchat".
  • ♦ Beater of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
  • ♦ Favourite class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • ♦ He is particularly interested in Muggle music, which he takes as an extra-curricular course. His guitar is charmed to remember the tunes he composed, in case he forgets them before writing them down.
  • He would like to start a career in music someday, or alternatively, work in the Ministry like his mother. His parents are currently divorcing, which leaves him in a morose mood every now and then (especially when holidays draw near).


   Jongdae: Gryffindor

  • ♦ Muggle-born. His parents are both Muggles, though they are very open and happy to learn about wizards culture. His elder brother is a wizard too, who is working in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad at the Ministry.
  • ♦ Wand: Cypress wood with a unicorn hair core
  • ♦ Pet(s): A lizard named Robespierre
  • ♦ Keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
  • ♦ Favourite class: Transfiguration, though he is also good at Defense Against the Dark Arts. He takes Muggle Studies as an easy way to get an "O" on his O.W.L exams.
  • ♦ Of an easy-going nature, he worries very little about his studies and takes everything at his own pace, which sometimes leaves Luhan exasperated. He just wants to have a good time with his friends at all times. Born a prankster, he is the founder of the "Destroy Byun Baekhyun" club.  


    Jongin: Gryffindor

  • ♦ Pure-blood. His family has maintained a flawless lineage of Slytherins for more than three decades, until he showed up and ended in Gryffindor. Chanyeol and Jongdae sometimes poke fun at him, playfully saying that he is a Slytherin converted.
  • ♦ Wand: Ebony with a phoenix feather
  • ♦ Pet(s): Alphaba, a very plain-looking barn owl that he picked himself in first year
  • ♦ Seeker of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
  • ♦ Favourite class: Potions
  • ♦ In a way the black sheep of the family, Jongin is not fond of going home for the holidays: he usually spends Christmas with Sehun's family, or stays at Hogwarts by himself. He doesn't like attention (unless it has to do with Quidditch) and will often spend time alone when he is not with Chanyeol and the others, napping in the library or exploring the castle. 


   Sehun: Gryffindor

  • ♦ Half-blood. His mother is a pure-blood, but his father is a wizard of Muggle descent. Sehun is particularly intrigued by Muggles in general, liking their fashion and some of their inventions such as bubble tea. He would like to work in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office when he graduates.
  • ♦ Wand: Rosewood with unicorn hair
  • ♦ Pet(s): A pedigreed rat, named Bubbles
  • ♦ Beater of the Gryffindor Quidditch team (from 4th year onwards).
  • ♦ Favourite class: Muggle Studies
  • ♦ He knows Chanyeol since they were small as their families are vaguely related, having a few distant relatives in common. Their two families used to celebrate Christmas together all the time before Chanyeol moved. Despite his taciturn appearance, Sehun makes friends easily and gets along with people from every house.
  • ♦ He throws a different spell on his hair every few months to change the colour, saying that since their robes are always black, he might as well add a splash of colour to his hair.


  Tao: Gryffindor 

  • ♦ Half-blood. Both his parents are almost pure-bloods, but when he was small, everyone believed that he was a Squib as he showed absolutely no sign of magic for the longest of times. His letter for Hogwarts also arrived one year late.
  • ♦ Wand: Hazel, with a dragon heartstrings core
  • ♦ Pet(s): A tawny owl named Michigo
  • ♦ Favourite class: Divination and Astronomy
  • ♦ Very emotional and sensitive, he needs time before opening up to people. But when courage is needed in crucial times to protect those he loves, Tao is always the first to speak his mind and fight for his cause. Even though he still screams every time he sees a spider in the shower, his friends know that he has the true heart of a Gryffindor.


     Luhan: Gryffindor

  • ♦ Pure-blood. An old family of wizards, very much known for their sense of honour and their hot-headed personalities. Despite his delicate appearance, Luhan has inherited this impetuousness and considers himself the manliest of all men. 
  • ♦ Wand: Hornbeam, with a dragon heartstrings core
  • ♦ Pet(s): A snowy owl, particularly big and choosy, called Diana
  • ♦ Chaser and captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
  • ♦ Favourite class: Defense Against the Dark Arts (for the action!), Study of Ancient Runes (for Minseok...)
  • ♦ He is obsessed with the idea of becoming an Auror since his most tender childhood and therefore exerts himself to obtain outstanding grades in all his core subjects, taking three extras as well to compensate any possible failure. He is also a licensed apparator and a prefect.
  • ♦ Despite his obsession with becoming an Auror, Quidditch remains his true passion.


   Baekhyun: Slytherin

  • ♦ Pure-blood. His family is leaving him a fortune and a guaranteed future, but secretly, Baekhyun still hopes to become an Auror.
  • ♦ Wand: Spruce with a phoenix  feather
  • ♦ Pet(s): A screech owl that he named Scooter
  • ♦ Favourite class: Transfiguration and Charms
  • ♦ As proud as a peacock and witty as a monkey, he mainly uses his intelligence to play silly pranks on people from other houses and also his own. In spite of that, his outstanding grades and natural charm make him the favourite of most teachers and he gets away with a lot of his bad ideas, to Chanyeol's greatest frustration. He picks on Chanyeol because the Gryffindor is the one who gets incensed most easily, but internally, doesn't think as lowly of him as he claims he does.
  • ♦ The only Muggle invention that Baekhyun recognises as "cool" is the scooter and the motorbike.
  • ♦ He also claims that Quidditch is a sport for losers without a brain, but that is only because he has never dared to try out himself.  


    Kyungsoo: Slytherin

  • ♦ Pure-blood. His father is one of the Unspeakables at the Department of Mysteries, which is why he is not fond of talking about his family.
  • ♦ Wand: Cedar wood with a dragon heartstrings core
  • ♦ Pet(s): Aucturus, his family's scops owl (who likes to stay at the castle) and Hydra, an intelligent snowy cat - both of which hate Baekhyun's guts.
  • ♦ Favourite class: Potions
  • ♦ He often spends his holidays at Hogwarts because the familial atmosphere at home is never ideal for him. Naturally talented in class, he doesn't need much effort to stay on top of his work, and spends most of his time coldly making fun of Baekhyun or complaining about his friend's compulsive need to look for trouble.
  • ♦ He also has a secret that he has not told anyone, not even Baekhyun.


    Yifan: Slytherin

  • ♦ Pure-blood. His family owns a famous business of luxury magical pastries, which he is bound to take over once his father retires.
  • ♦ Wand: Elm wood with a dragon heartstrings core
  • ♦ Pet(s): A svelt, thin and grey cat called Ferdinand
  • ♦ Favourite class: Arithmancy and though he rarely admits it, Care of Magical Creatures.
  • ♦ As a prefect, he takes his duties seriously and tries to maintain a cool and mature image in front of his peers, which makes him look like a rather vain wanker at times. He only shows his childish side to the group of Gryffindor underclassmen, with whom he feels comfortable, having known them through Sehun (whom he has met back in fourth year in peculiar circumstances).
  • ♦ Often tired, he spends a lot of time in front of the chimney in Slytherin's common room with Ferdinand on his knees, a position that attracts Baekhyun's mockery because he looks like an old man. 
  • ♦ He feels a huge surge of protectiveness each time he sees Tao, and never knows why.


   Minseok: Ravenclaw

  • ♦ Half-blood. His father is a Muggle, his mother a wizard.
  • ♦ Wand: Vine wood, with unicorn hair
  • ♦ Pet(s): An extremely hairy cat that looks like a ball of wool. Her name is Nessie
  • ♦ Favourite class: Charms, History of Magic, Ancient Runes - but dislikes Divination, which he classifies as too intangible
  • ♦ Despite his discreet personality and humble exterior, he has a fair amount of ambition and wishes to become a lawyer in the Wizengamot. This said, he loves knowledge for the sake of knowing and lacks the cunningness of a Slytherin.
  • ♦ He is calm, mature, amiable and responsible, but secretly dreams of a bit of adventure sometimes, which renders him responsive to Luhan's brash personalitiy without him realising it. He will never dare to say that to Luhan out loud, but he loves to see him fly across the Quidditch pitch for Quidditch training.
  • ♦ He has a sweet tooth, loving all sorts of candies from peppermint toads to fizzing whizzbees.


    Joonmyun: Ravenclaw

  • ♦ Pure-blood. Born in an extremely wealthy family with parents working for very high officials in the Ministry.
  • ♦ Wand: Willow, with unicorn hair
  • ♦ Pet(s): Galleon, his pygmy owl
  • ♦ Favourite class: Astronomy,  History of Magic, Arithmancy, Muggle Studies, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology... ("Everything is interesting!")
  • ♦ He is talented in every subject and anything related to academic magical knowledge, including Divination, but has one weakness which he hates talking about: his total incapacity to create a patronus. He also has a lot of complexes, lacking self-confidence. 
  • ♦ Knowing Yifan very well, the two of them often meet up to share their woes in life, or simply to talk about the youngsters. 
  • ♦ Joonmyun has an obsession with Honeydukes' ice mice.   


    Yixing: Hufflepuff

  • ♦ Muggle-born. His family is extremely encouraging about his magical education, but he is constantly worried about them, especially his grandmother, whose health is particularly fragile.
  • ♦ Wand: Oak wood, with unicorn hair
  • ♦ Pet(s): None. He uses the school's owls for letters, and often helps Hagrid with his magical creatures during his spare time
  • ♦ Favourite class: Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures
  • ♦ He seems very odd and suspicious at first sight, but people rapidly realise that it is only because he has his head in the clouds all the time. Yixing is easily melancholic, sometimes uncertain (especially when it comes to the subject of what he would like to do later in life).
  • ♦ Because of his grandmother's health and his family, Yixing sometimes thinks that he should start a career in the Muggle world instead of settling down in the wizard community. However, part of him also wishes to become a herbologist, leaving him conflicted.


Also, the time-line for this fic happens after the Second Wizarding War and Voldemort's death, somewhere around 2007 - since that's when Baekhyun and Chanyeol should be 15 - hence, both Snape and Dumbledore are already dead, and McGonagall is the current headmistress.   


Note: This is in no way meant to be taken seriously. "Spare the rod" is just a light-hearted Hogwarts AU based on my own sorting of the EXO members, and what I think each of their backgrounds/personalities would be like if they were really in the Harry Potter universe. The mystery is loose (but already planned), the romance light, and hopefully nothing in this fic will be too angsty as to spoil one's mood. It is written for pure fun more than for anything. Hope you enjoy if you do decide to read it!



I was shocked yesterday! Thank you so much for getting Spare the Rod featured & for all the lovely, lovely msgs!!

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