The Girl Who Waited (Editing)


Will Yi Fan find the love he deserves?

When Wu Yi Fan's Mum leaves him for a year, he doesn't know how he's going to cope. Whilst his Mother is exploring the world, he's stuck in sunny England. What he doesn't realise is that it's not the weather he should be watching, but his heart. 

With love, fluff, and heart breaking career choices, will Yi Fan be able to live out his dreams of having a successful career, and relationship?


Okay, so Yi Fan grew up with only his mum so i'm going to keep this story that way!

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UPDATE 28/12/17; Okay so as of today I am going to read and update/heavily edit this story. I haven't been very active on here for a long time and I just want to make sure that my works are the best that they can possibly be. Each chapter will be marked with 'EDITED' once fully complete. Thank you for understanding.

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Below is a small chapter that I made just for the forward so you kinda get what's happening. Chapter 1 just goes straight into the story.



Switching on the heater in his car, Yi Fan pulled off from his drive way, and started the journey to his mothers place. She had called him that morning saying she had 'Exciting News!', and needed to see him straight away. Of course, the first thing Yi Fan did was grab his keys and go. He would do anything for his mother, anything to just see a smile on her face. 

The streets of Vancouver were quiet as he sped his new Range Rover Sport through the City, all the while coming up with possible reasons as to what the exciting news was. Had she won the lottery? His lips curved up into a small smile, thinking of all the luxury things she deserved but didn't have. Had she tricked him, like the last time she said she had news, but really she couldn't turn her computer on? A chuckle escaped from him, and he looked out of the window in disbelief. Had she found a man? This thought had his knuckles turning white against the steering wheel, and his eyes narrowed. That was all he needed to be convinced to speed up. Every man that his mother had brought home, would have to go through him first, and he would not let this new man - if there was one - go under his radar. 

Pulling up infront of his mothers house, he saw her open the door and smile at him as he locked his car and walked up to her. 

"Aah, my beautiful son has come to visit his mother~" She sang, pulling him into a hug. The smile on her face, sparked one of his own, and he couldn't help but feel he had the best mother in the world. 

"Aah, my beautiful mother is going to catch a cold if she stays outside for too long~" He sang back, in a slightly mocking tone, but the concern was evident in his voice. 

"Come in, come in, I can't wait to tell you my exciting news!!" Beckoning him into the house, she had already poured him a cup of coffee, and sat next to him on the sofa, a cup in her own hand aswell. When they were both settled, she decided it was time to tell him her news. "Okay, Yi Fan, so the other day I entered a competition on the radio, and well...I won" She beamed.

"That's good Mum, I wonder what the prize was to make you this happy?" Yi Fan smiled back at her before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Well, that's the good bit. I know that it means i'll be gone for a while, but I have a plan, I'm not sure if you're go-"

"Mum, just tell me!" 

Giggling, his Mum just got straight to the point, "I'm going on an all-around-the-world trip!" 

His face fell. His brain stopped working for a few seconds before he came back to reality, "You're what?"

"I won the prize of an all expenses paid arount the world trip. I leave on Sunday"

"I? Are you going by yourself?" He couldn't imagine his mother travelling the world by herslef, alone. Alone in a strange country she's never been to, where she doesn't understand the language or the culture. What if she got into trouble? What if something happened, and he wasn't there to help her?

"Yes honey. I have a plan though. I have all the countries mapped out with the dates of when I arrive and leave each one, and whilst you're with Aunt Gayeon and Uncle Shin you will have a peace of mind and know exactly where I am" 

All the while his mother was talking, YiFan couldn't comprehend everything. His mother was leaving to travel the world, and he'll be living with - who? Aunt Gayeon?

"Why would I be staying with Aunt Gayeon?" 

"Yi Fan" His mother sighed, and reaching her hand out to touch his knee, "I know that you are more than capable of looking after yourself. You show me that everyday, but my heart would be at ease if I knew that you were surrounded by family whilst I was gone."

Yi Fan knew that he had to respect his mothers wishes. She had done everything for him and supported him, even when she was hurting from having her husband leave. She always had a smile on her face, and deserved the world. Now she gets to have it, and see the wonders of it for herself. Sighing in defeat, he grabbed his mothers hand. "Mum, I haven't seen Aunt Gayeon in 20 years. I'm surprised she agreed to have me" 

"Oh, both her and Uncle shin both can't wait to see you again" Now in a side hug, Yi Fan's mother was secretly worried for her son. He would be with family, yes, but she's not going to get to see her child for a whole year. She knew he was strong, but was she?





Chapter 2 is up!! It's not as long as the first chapter, because I had different plans but they didn't work out how i wanted and the story line changed a little, but all is well!!

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