DEATH N♔TE Review Sh♔p [CLOSED/Finishing Request]


S E L A M A T D A T A N G!

Akhirnya! Masa yang ditunggu-tunggu akhirnya telah tiba untuk para Malaysian writers kita untuk request review FF Malay mereka!

Review shop ini khas untuk Malaysian Writers kita :D

Apa jenis genre anda akan diterima ^^


1. 4Minute-Watcha Doin' Today

2. 2NE1- Come Back Home

3. JungGiGoxSoyou-Some

4. Mblaq-Be A Man


Hello semua! 

Sorry, Malay sy sangat awkward xD

This review shop is opened especially for Malaysian Writers who wants their FF that are written in Malay to be reviewed. Gembira tak? xD

FF anda akan direview dari segi:

Title: (5 m)


Appearance: (5)

Vocabulary/ Grammar/ tatabahasa : (15)

Originality: (10)

Flow: (5)

Excitement: (5)

Bonus: (5)

Total :  (50)


oo1. Subsribe jgn tak subscribe! Kalau tak subscribe tak ade alert untuk anda jika review da siap!

oo2. Request dengan selengkapnya :D

oo3. Jangan bash shop ni kalau review anda lambat disiapkan (kami ada hidup kat luar sana)

oo4. Comment kalau dah request, comment lg kalau dah pick up

oo5. Kritikan kami tak la harsh sangat xD

oo6. Cancel request anda after 24 jam slps mebuat request

oo7. Credit shop ni kat description and foreword anda :D

Apa lagi! Jom la request!




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⇒Important Announcements►

Attention to all staffs reviewer, from now on, I will put 'pending' next to the story title in the request list. Whenever you feel like you want to review the story, just change the pending to your own username. This will be easier because it will notified me whoever take over to review the story. [09.03.14]


I just realized that our shop receive English fanfics too! Feel free to request!

NEW [26.04.14}

Hello everyone, this is teatee here. 

There's a few left of fanfics we haven't reviewed yet. I know. We are super busy. I'm going to college soon in 3 weeks so I'm trying to finish the review as possible as I could. ^^ 

Please understand ^^

permanent_dreamer, your review is ready to be picked up!
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