We Got Married ❣❣❣ || GYoon Edition ||


We Got Married⇐

A popular show wich celebrities

Do a virtual marriage

wich the two of them will act as a married couple


What if the put an innocent deer

and a powerful dragon

what do you think will happen?

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for the really amazing! poster



|| T E A S E R ||


PD: Did you ever think of SNSD Yoona to be your wife?

G-Dragon: I haven't think of anyone to be my wife because I'm still young, but when I heard that I'm going to be in this show alot of things when up in to my mind like: "who's going to be my wife?", "Will we be awkward?" thing like that go through my head but mostly who will be my wife. I thought of some girls who can be my virtual wife and she's one of them. [chuckled]


PD: Have you ever thought of Big Bangs G-Dragon to be your husband? 

Yoona: [shakes head] I never thought that G-Dragon-ssi will become my husband. It's just that I never really thought that he joins' in this kind of shows but I'm glad that he's my husband. [smiles]

So I decided to put this story up! I really thought twice before putting this. 

I'm really busy right now specially that I'm writing 7 stories and I'll be putting up another one soon.

I don't know if I can finish this or not but specifically I really would like to finish this.

This Fic can go hhiatus anytime so...Yeah... I warned you.

BTW this will all be realistic like any WGM couples you watch....

Meaning there won't be any love triangles but of course being jealous with one another may count.

I hope for your love and support thank you ^o^



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Exoyoong88 #1
Chapter 7: please update thank youuuu!!!
Siekkim #2
Chapter 7: Lol at the MC >.<
Updates soon
jasonlee92 #3
Chapter 7: Cant wait pls update..^^
Chapter 7: I can't wait for the next update!!!
mydebbie #5
Chapter 7: yay!!! finally...cant wait for the next update....thanks
HottestVIPSone #6
Chapter 7: After so long, finally an update! It's always nice to read gyoon's WGM. It never gets old haha!
nindyavs #7
Chapter 2: Chapter 2 : I'm YoonAddict and I just love all your stories about Yoong. And this chapter is pretty interesting
exoyoong08 #8
Chapter 6: chapter 6: gyoon daebak..i love all your stories i mean im yoonaddict how did i miss your stories..man..oh well...im here now..cant wait for your update!!gyoon fighting <3
rushpynatchocolate #9
Chapter 4: Daebak...pleasenupdated soon
HottestVIPSone #10
Had always love this story so so much!