Your Last Memory Of Me

Y o u r   L a s t   M e m o r y   O f   M e


E v e r y t h i n g is always unexpected.


       Every part of your life has this sharp turn that manifests events which usually imprints itself at the back of your head. Just like a chisel self-carving into the tiniest dents of your brain.

       Some may be painful, some may not.

      Nonetheless, they remain at the back of your memory. Despite the numerous times a person has tried to forget, the memory will always lie there, untouched and unforgotten. Only remembered.

       In my case, there's a memory that I've longed to remember. It was about him. He had the warmest hands. He was caring, and loving.

       "You're leaving?" I asked. Numerous tears trickled down my cheeks. I've never felt this burning pain inside me. It hurt a lot.

       "Yes, I am. I'll come back for you. I promise." A warm hand rested itself on top of my head, settling with gentle pats to calm me down.

       Sadly, the only thing left of that memory were his soft, warm and comforting hands. As if able to relieve me, I couldn't get the idea out of my head. I could no longer remember his eyes, nor his face, but only the feeling of those hands.

       He was my first love.

       And probably the only reason why I've never had a relationship was because I've held onto that little promise my whole life.


       My name is Lu Han. I am 16 years old. I study in Seoul Arts Academy. I have this ability to see things no body can. And last, I'm in desperate need of a boyfriend.




       "So Luhan, what do you want for your birthday? Luhan? Luhan?" My friend's voice echoed, and repeated itself for multiple times. Nothing seemed to process in my head.

       The only thing processing in my head is the strange spirit staring back at me. Of course, all I could do was stare back at the creature. When my friend slapped me square in the face, that was the only time I've felt awake my entire life, "Jesus Christ Baekhyun! Stop slapping me you insignificant diva of an eyeliner!" I snarled.

       "Me? A diva? Excuse me princess, but I'm just here asking what you want for your birthday---"

       "A boyfriend. A boyfriend" I repeated.

       "You . We know that." Baekhyun rolled his eyes then flicked my forehead, leaving a red spot on the place.

       I smiled at my friend's diva-ness, later on, class was just the usual by then.

       Okay scratch that, class was never te usual when you have creatures staring at you like you're some kind of food. It was disgusting, and I will never get used to it, especially when these creatures practically trip me, or hurt me.

       And then you didn't have anyone to tell to because they think I'm crazy.




       "Hey Luhan, you know me right? My name's Kim Jongin, or Kai" Kai smiled his oh-so y smile.

       He was part of the school's dance group. He was a master of the art of ballet and other dance styles there are. No one in the whole school would not know him.

       "Oh, yes I know you. May I ask why you called me out here?" I tilted my head.

       "Well, I was wondering, if you were free," Oh god I think I know where this is going, "would you like to hang around some time?" He smiled his genuine smile. It was gorgeous.

       "Sure!" I answered back. With a swift nod, he ran back to class. I think I've just scored the lottery.

       Wait... does that mean we're gonna start dating? 




       Walking back home, I found the gate of my neighbour's house wide open. It was strange because I thought this was a vacant house. Maybe someone bought it today?

       Peeping my head through one of the gates, I saw a tall figure wearing traditional Korean clothing. He was by the garden picking up a fresh bouquet of Mugunghwa.

       His dark hair shone majestically under the sunlight. I could not see his eyes, but his face was beautifully carved.

       I know Mugunghwas were beautiful, but with this person included, I don't think I've seen something more beautiful my entire life.

       Ever so slowly, his head turns to my direction. eyes settled their gaze at me, and his mouth twisted to a wonderous smile, "Luhan? Is that really you?"

       My mouth gaped as I went forward. More of, my feet led me to him, "D-Do I know you?" I blinked in confusion.

       "My name is Sehun. I used to live here. And we used to play when we were kids." He smiled, later handing me the bouquet of flowers, "Hey, these things are following you again." He swiped his slender hand across the air, clearly making the flying spirits move away from us.

       "You can see them?" I asked in utter shock.

       He nodded and answered, "I can." He smiled then patted my head. Oh god these were the hands I've missed so much, "You better go before it gets late. Call me when you need me." He pushed me out his gate.

       I slowly went back to my house with a heavy heart and a flushed face. I went inside my house, dropping the bouquet of flowers Sehun handed me.

       I knew I found the person I've been longing for. But I didn't know it would be this soon that I would meet him.


       It was good thing I waited.







(cr) Black Bird by Sakurakouji Kanoko

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