2ne1 Shorts *HIATUS*


IF you haven't listened to 2ne1's CRUSH album, you must be deaf. Or a snob. Or stupid. 

Regardless of who you like, or who you follow, you need to listen to great music when it's presented to you. 

This series is inspired by the songs in that album. By 2ne1 in general and by a fandom that never falter. Blackjacks, fighting!


IF you don't have access to downloading or whatever, here you go.  But if you can buy original that's much better. 

Here are the lyrics, if you don't speak Korean. 

You're welcome. 



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natyx10 #1
Chapter 6: OMG!!! Waw just waw!!! That was WAW!!
I know this is weird but can you please make a CL and Lee Seunghoon fanfic? If only you can, thankyou~
KaiMingkki21 #3
Chapter 3: Chapter 3: How I wish this is real >.< I ship minzy to winner and team b... Esp. B.I Kyaa
pinaywriter #4
Gaiz, please don't call me Authornim. It puts my teeth on edge. Pinaywriter eonnie or noona is very much welcome.

Please don't call me authornim. Thanks. <3
pinaywriter #5
@kpopavid17 GD = the composer Jiyong = the man Gudo = the badboy manwhore ehehe
kpopavid17 #6
Chapter 6: Ok please pardon my slowness but why did you put gudo instead of gd or jiyong?
Chapter 6: oOOOoOoOooOOoohh~~ Gusto ko 'toooooo XD :o
Chapter 1: I can't believe this.. It's my first time crying on a one shot. :'(
Chapter 3: Oooohhhh,,, this is first time i see minzy and hanbin fanfiction,,,,
Just sweet can i said cuz this is true sweet for me...
Thanks for your story authornim...
mizzm29 #10
Chapter 3: Omo I read this before and didn't comment. Sorry so ashamed since you're the author for one of my top fics! That was super cute even if I didn't really watch win tv. Keep up the awesomeness!