Secretly a Girl


Luhan plays soccer for Western University and is the Top student. Everybody treats him as a prince and the girls fall for him all the time. What would happen when he gets a new roommate, and his roommate is actually a girl. Will he fall in love or find out the truth and be broken hearted.



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Daniella is a regular young adult who just finished high school. Her and her brother Sehun decide to move to South Korea and go to college there. Sehun finds a group and they form a boy band planning on to travel the country playing there music. Daniella decides to go to school dress as a boy, her name is then change to Daniel. The reason why she dress as a boy is because the college she wanted to attend had dropped the soccer program. So she thought she is good enough player to even be on the boy's team. There at Western college she gets a new roommate name Luhan. Just by being his new roommate Luhan hates Daniel. Can Daniella  keep her secret from Luhan, will she fall in love with Luhan or another man?


This story is a mixture of 'To the beautiful you' and 'She's the man' Also this story has lots of drama, did not intend but warning you will get very frustrated ^^ I am trying to make it a commedy romance I hope you'll all enjoy it.  The story line will follow 'To The Beautiful You' and 'She's the Man' but I will be making it into my version. I promise there will be a happy perfect ending!


Story Title << Secretly a Girl >>

Main Characters << Daniella&Luhan >>

Author << AndreaDance4u >>

Co-Author << Choi-Jinhee >>

Editor << Tonnettie >>

Inspired By << She's the Man, To The Beautiful You >>

Started Date << Feb 24, 2014created started in Mid July >>

Finish Dated << TBA >>

Status << On Going >>



Oh Daniella/ Daniel

- 18 years old
- Has a twin brother name Sehun
- Will graduate this year
- Loves to play soccer
- Wants to go to the Olympics
- Mother is a fashion designer and Father owns hotels


Xi Luhan

- 18 years old
- Loves to play soccer
- Is one of the most handsome boys at school
- Has a crush on a girl name Suzy, but doesnt know how to talk to her
- Wants to go to the Olympics
- Wants to coach one day England soccer team

Oh Sehun

- 18 years old
- Has a sister name Daniella
- Loves to play music and Dance
- Quits school to travel to play music

Bae Suzy

- 18 years old
- Gymnast hoping to go to olympics
- Hates boys who act cool

Emily Demelo

- Sehun ex- girlfriend
-Likes to play with boys hearts
- She still thinks Sehun and her are in a relationship
- In school for fashion and likes to model

Lee Taemin

Kayla, Leo and Ashley



Other Poster:

By: kimsoyeon17

By: AndreaDance4u

I will like to give full credit on fragrance graphic shop and the designer: Necromancy for making the poster







Trouble with internet. Y'all have to wait until I go to Starbucks for me to upload 2 chapters. Sorry problem will be fix so

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Lulu31913 #1
Chapter 45: Ll
Angelz0715 #2
Chapter 51: Love this story!!
Chapter 51: Good storyline. Thanks.
missadel #4
Chapter 1: hermmmmm
LouriMendes #5
Chapter 1: Omg!!....... This story is totally like one of my fav movies
"she's the man" I love it!!!
michbest2 #6
Chapter 51: the story is so cute omg I COULDNT STOP READING
Chapter 51: Congrats on being featured... Really good story :) Nice job
Mkey_z #8
Hi! New reader here! ^^
Just reading the title, already had an idea that there was a chance it could be inspired of "To the beautiful you", specially upon seeing Sulli haha

Wanna congratulate you as well that your story got featured!

Let the story begins. :D
Chapter 52: This story has so many up and downs and im bery satisfied with it. Im not a grammar person, but i found so many mistakes, but it didnt matter.
Im enjoying it very much, keep writing! Fighting <3