This my own We Got Married version.

I really love reading we got married stories especially when they are the pair I love. So I made my own version. Please look forward for this story and I hope it'll be in your liking. I'm only posting the hosts so you just have to read my story to know who the new couple is.



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Chapter 29: Great story, waiting for the next chapter.
Chapter 28: there's an update! huzzah! eew...lord no...khundara?
stay away~!
my krisdara heart. </3
yelleaganon #3
Chapter 28: Update more authornim. I want to know what happens with dara and nickhun! Thankyou!!!!
Chapter 27: oh my gaaaaaahhhhh....
of course it's not complete!
i've never seen any WGM episodes
so i don't know how that show works
but yours really feel realistic.
I love and hate it.
So much krisdara and taodara!!!!
i'm screaming!!!!
i can't handle all the feels!!!!!
i'm sorry ludara...i love you too
but kris and tao <3333
thanks for posting your work!
i hope that when creativity strikes
you, it may come with 2ne1 girls
for next chapter....
they may have disbanded but once
a Blackjack always a blackjack.
betchay1131 #5
Chapter 27: i love jaedara..but in here i really like dara to end with Kris...Krisdara....update authornim,,its been a while..im excited for the next chapters^^
Chapter 27: i am rooting for jaedara.
Chapter 15: now i want this to be jaedara
Chapter 9: i'm bad. i'm rooting for kris.
betchay1131 #9
Chapter 27: who's dara's partner here..i think luhan is not her partner in this story,,they seem close but more of like bestfriend..i hope he ended up with kris kkkk..and hope chanyeol can have his moment with dara..I pity him
betchay1131 #10
Chapter 26: Uuuuuuuuuupppppppppppddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeeeee.....NOW PLEASE TT....I'm excited for the next part....