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When people reminisce about their first love, no matter what age they might have been at the time, they usually have nostalgic expressions painted over their faces.

When people recall their first kiss their brains usually remind them of the time, place and circumstances under which the deed had happened.

When people remember their first heartbreak (that usually ended with tears) a bittersweet aftertaste lingers in their souls as their minds try to repress the despairing memory.

Now when people think back to the first time they did it, their experiences usually vary. Some might describe it as amazing while others would beg to differ.

The main point is that there’s always a first time for everything. Especially when it involves two people.


❤ ❤ ❤

Mark Tuan.

What does that name even mean?

Well if you were to ask around Hwajae High School, you would find out that it has more than one definition.

You would probably even be shocked to discover that that particular name symbolizes all sorts of things, none of them being good either.

Is it even possible for a name to carry such negative connotations you ask? It sure is.

Mark Tuan is the supposed notorious playboy of the district; at least that’s what his reputation suggested.

Many would describe him as a huge flirt who has bedded dozens (if not hundreds) of girls.

They say that he’s had plenty of girlfriends, both official and unofficial which ultimately means he’s very experienced at all sorts of things.

They even claim that he’s amazing at everything and anything related to . That any sane girl would be blessed to be deflowered by him.

However, just because that’s what they think of him doesn’t mean it’s true.

After all a reputation is just a reputation. It doesn’t always accurately define a person, now does it?

Like they say: never judge a book by its cover; you might miss and never know all of the interesting contents it may harbor.

If that's true then I guess you should never judge a boy by what others believe him to be either.

Who knows what kind of troubles you might get yourself tangled in or what intriguing things you might overlook.

Ah and remember: when you assume you make an out of u and me.



Author's Thoughts: Yes, another story. WOO. This one features GOT7's Mark. :D And I have to admit it might be one of my favorite storylines. It will definitely (hopefully) not be cliche; therefore I hope you guys will show this story lotsa love! Ah and I will not be marking this story as Rated M because well just no. Above are the songs for this story so please take your time to listen to them and background music for future chapters will be linked to the beneath the poster! Also don't steal or plagiarize this story. It's mine, alright? Good, glad we understand! Hope you enjoy :) 

Credits for the poster goes to the amazing JungMinHyo  For the last poster, credit goes to allyouneedislove from Paper HeartAnd for the newest poster credit goes to Ni_Lee from Indistinctive Jasper Shop! Check them out! 


Changed the chapter titles because numbering them was too confusing!

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Hey ~ congratulations for the feature hehe (๑★ .̫ ★๑)
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But dont worry. Your storyline is really interesting tho ! I just luv it, fighting~
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