Operation: 90 Days


"I expect you three to beautify Min Mi in 90 days."

"What? No!"

"Or else you'll have to be expelled from our school. Sorry but we're depending on you."

"You can't like her!"


"B-Because... I like her!"

"Stop lying to yourself."





The  Reason

 She's overweight due to her parents worrying she wasn't
 getting enough nutrients when she was younger so they fed
 her quite a lot. Min Mi may seem quiet at first, but she kinda
 isn't. She's the first target that bullies look at 
because of her
 weight. Sadly, she's gotten used to it not. She 
is also oblivious
 to certain situations and would often take Kikwang to help her
 out. Her social life is lacking many friends, her only friends
 being Kikwang, a new friend she made Lee Jieun, and a few
 others. However, Min Mi has a supportive family and so
 because of that, she doesn't worry that much.







The Bestfriend

 He's sweet, kind, and his hobby is dancing. He overthinks
 things often, leaving him with even more problems to deal
 with. He rarely talks about his personal family life, even to
 Min Mi. Some girls are actually attracted to him because of his
 dancing and his looks, making some wonder why he's even
 best friends with Min Mi in the first place. Kikwang is actually
 a loyal friend despite his mistakes.











The Cute Guy

 24/7, he's a nonstop happy virus. He's always looking on the
 brighter side of things, and is very optimistic. He's the ideal
 human sunshine.








The Twin's

  The Jo twins, they are the complete opposite of each other.
 They define vice-versa, really

 Kwangmin, the younger twin, he's understanding, and unlike
 his brother he's kind, friendly, and is a social butterfly. He is
 made up of perfect boyfriend material.

 Youngmin, the older twin. Although he may be polite, he's
 mostly negative, and he is always cold to the almost everyone
 around him. He is known as the ice prince at school.






The Bullies

 The typical, harsh, bullies that can be found at school. But
 they are more of the 'words than action' type.

 Chihoon, he's conceited and usually sarcastic. But he isn't as
 cold, and icy as Jo Youngmin, the older Jo twin. Some people
 - other than his friends - claims that he's actually kind if you
 get to know him. However according to Min Mi, he has never
 been nice to her since day one.

 Byunghun, Chihoon's bestfriend. He's a jokester, and usually
 gets in trouble daily, for hitting other students playfully during
 class. Chihoon and him have a tendency to bully other
 students. However, Byunghyun makes sure that his insults
 don't hurt the person(s) feelings severely.



Other game players...



           Jieun                              Naeun                         Suzy                        Yoseob                           Eunji
                                                                             + a few others.




 TITLE : Operation: 90 Days
AUTHOR : byunqrins_
( previously xmiss_aegyodoll + ai-rinnie + jrinnies )
 GENRE : drama, comedy, romance
 AUTHOR'S NOTE : that's right. seline/rinnie is back with another fic.
 B'| this fic was inspired by kim pil suk from dream high's diet plan that she
 did, but it is a completely different reason from kim min mi's reason to go
 on a diet. c: please do not plagiarize or else i will cut your gorilla twisted
  with my ninja in crime. ( lmao, i'm starting to sound like david so
 each day. ) and please note that this story isn't made to offend anyone
 who is overweight. i apologize in advance if i did, because i truly did not
 mean to offend anyone. the ending won't be clich
é, well, at least in my
 eyes. OTL. 
anywho, I hope you'll enjoy this story. alright, i think this is
 enough of an author's note. queen seline is outtie. 



[ op: 90 days ] 130618; i got a new poster from cosmogyral! isn't it lovely? c': thank you for still staying by this story's side. ;ul

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Chapter 1: Somehow it reminded me of dream high..... Or it was just the pictures ;P
Anyways....... Update soon~~~ ♥
hibaharu1886 #2
Chapter 1: I like how you start the story and the way you portray the characters, very nice, I hope you update soon
Chapter 1: Well. I like the new start :D
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err wait ? what did i miss ? are you starting all over again ? why why ? hehe sorry but its just my curiosity
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take ur time, it is absolutely fine
People gave you mean comments about this story? OHHH. LEMME AT THEM.