Taeny Fic-List



I just want to share Fany+Tae love so I'll be posting completed fics, ongoings and [1,2,3]shot here.

There's a lot of great stories and amazing writers that touched me deeply, hope you guys have a good time reading.




PS: If you're an author of the stories posted in here, let me say that I would never disrespect you. I'm showing how great is your fic and how much I appreciate your hard work. Thank you.








Only Taeny no genderbender.


I also love to leave comments, you gonna find my thougs about the fics in every story I recommend here HAHHAHAH, I just love to talk about Taeny and support authors. *.*


Leave comments, Subscribe and Up vote the ones you like. Author's gonna love it and write more HAHHAH




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