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"John Lee, a psychologist in his book The Colours of Love, compared styles of love to the color wheel.

Just as there are three primary colors, he suggested that there are three primary styles of love.


The first one is called Eros, a love so romantic, so passionate. 

Second is Storge, a friendship love that grows over time.



And third, is a love known as Ludos, a love that is played as a game. 

And with that, their story begins. "



photo e0abdec4-5a76-4927-9324-36dd77132f24_zpsb4380f94.jpg

Her :

Because when your bestfriend betrays you, the only way to get back at her is to make her crush your boyfriend.


Him :

Because when you’re the biggest Casanova in school, the only way to stay as one is to get the targeted junior as your girlfriend.


Them :

If it is not obvious enough, they are starting to fall for each other, hard.



photo e0abdec4-5a76-4927-9324-36dd77132f24_zpsb4380f94.jpg



When he asks her to be his girlfriend, she is well aware of the game he’s playing.

When she says yes, he realizes there’s another game she's playing on her side.

They both comprehend they’re not in love, they both understand the risk of putting their hearts on the line.

They both realize that this would probably end in a mess. 


They know, it’s just that they don’t care. 


photo e0abdec4-5a76-4927-9324-36dd77132f24_zpsb4380f94.jpg


"If she says she is looking at an angel she would be exaggerating but that is exactly what she’s looking at, or at least that's what she thinks. She locks her eyes with his, mouth not saying anything. Those fine twinkling eyes that she is looking at are so beautiful she almost thought he got a plastic surgery for it, that pointed nose of him that really fits his delicate face, that sharp jawline that makes him look so masculine, so manly, and that adorable lips of him that she would be more than willing to kiss." 
"If I say he didn’t attract me at all, I’d be lying. Especially at this time, it’s dark and only two of us is here, all of my girl's hormone is screaming at me to pounce on him. We're sitting so close and now looking at each other, black eyes to brown eyes. I can only see half of his face where the light of the moon land perfectly, while the other half of his face is engulfed in the darkness." 


"If I let you in, promise me one thing."


"Dont break anything."





Greetings ;) 


I'm writing this one for a competition I'm joining. 

It's called SNOWFLAKE l Writing Contest 

and hey loves, if you have that hidden talents of writing and good imagination, you guys should try to give this competition a shot too :)




Reviews ;)


"91% out 100%"yangheeyoung at BestFriend Foreword Review Shop 


"Due to a game how two opposite people feel for each other and how their heart was constantly been hurt due to lack of communication is beautifully described."- makino89 at Heartstrings Review Cafe


"It really makes reader's heart going up and down."- MissAshley at Mental Breakdown (MTBD) Review Request Shop


"Such a great writing syle and grammar." - hotLover5 at KSJ Review Shop


"Your idea, way of writing and expressing moments and feeling is remarkable, making the story easy to read and you also created a balance between the contents and length." - Qilanove at bi a n d ca shop || graphics❀review


On character characterization - "This aspect of the story is superb. Kai's personality is thoroughly explained and it's crystal clear about how his personality is. Violet on the other hand, is pretty much the same species." - soul_ly at athena's temple ↷ review shop.


"The flow is really good. So good indeed that I couldn’t just stop at the mark of the twelfth paragraph and kept reading until the last chapter."  BanaWarrior at Dalliance R&R Shop


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"The use of description makes the characters vibrant and the reader feels as if they are part of that world you've created. I can picture each character in my head and they feel almost tangible. I feel what they feel, see what they see." - ♦Troublemaker Review Shop♦


"The plot was just like any other high school romance, but this one had twists and cliffhangers that left reader wanting more details. The plot is very important when writing and you nailed it!" - Lovebisous at 「Sakura Review Shop」


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"Your story is realistic that sometimes I thought that I was watching a drama or something. I can imagine everything easily and of course I get myself into the fic much deeper. This fanfic is something that would turn your feelings upside down. Never did I review something this remarkable" - ErinKrystal at Neverland Republic ★


"The pace of the story was not too fast, but not too slow that it dragged on." - Mattokki at f r o z e n • in • t i m e | a re v i e w shop


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"It had me on edge and with such fluffy feelings the entire time I read it. I can’t express how extraordinary you did developing your story. It went at such a gradual place that I never got lost. " - chewyloveschachi at RMS Review Shop


"The ending of each chapter really really made me wanting to read more I couldn't stop myself from not reading it. Amazing" - kpopulzzangforever at Tomboy Review Shop


"I love how you have side-plots instead of focusing the whole story on Violet falling for Kai and vice versa. Kris and Hyo Ri are definitely great additions to the whole drama." - Ahri at ❁Crimson Twilight Review Shop❁


"It was well done. I applaud your ability to write." - Diviana at ✦ ₮oheart ℛeview and Ѧdvertisement Šhop ✦


"The romance and the drama were the attention-grabbers for me. It focused well on Kai's and Violet's growing relationship." - 500sunny500 at ♣ modern times request shop


"Its quite different that Kai's a cheesy and warm in your story, because in  most stories, Kai is more like a cold and ignorant character. So reading that Kai is so playful and childish really brings the story alive." - Sonetix01 at ❆ ❄ ❅ Big Summer Blowout ❅ ❄ ❆


"I honestly found that every other detail in the story was perfectly realistic. The sensibleness of it made me feel much more connected to the storyline, due to the fact that I was nearly able to picture it actually happening" - lonelystar at ℬlossom ℛeviews


"I love your writing style; how you managed to capture the beauty of growing romance." - exoticmermaid at «ғᴀsᴛ ♦ ᴇᴀsʏ» ᴀᴅ & ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ sʜᴏᴘ


"Due to my personal preferences, I didn't enjoy this story immersely but I did find it rather meaningful and something pretty new from typical high school stories." - TwiceAzeline at In The Woods REVIEW SHOP


"I felt as if I was the main character and I was actually living in the story." - debbie chen at ☆ Hαℓℓυ¢ιиαтє∂ Dяєαмѕ Rєνιєωѕ ☆





Posted a new epilogue! Check it out, guysssss :D oh girlsssss :D

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