Time of Love (Soon)



The only thing they did is to fall in love

Yori, with his sister

Mayu,  with a dying man

Their love came to end


They FINALLY meet.





Once more, if I can start all over again, I want to protect this gentle and warm love



Another one-shot…

This is inspired by this song:  Time of Love by Crystal Kay.

The story of Yori Yuuki form Boku no Imotou ni and Mayu Taneda form Boku no Hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu

PURELY fanfic.



Mao Inoue as Mayu Taneda (種田繭)



Jun Matsumoto as Yori Yuki (結城頼)

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junhartmao #1
I haven't read it yet but I already like it.
i rl like this
MissPazu #3
Looks interesting. Obviously I read.<br />
The video has left me very intrigued to know more of the story.