Brand New Mission at Brand New Stardom

Those Three Magical Words
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 Tell Them - Block B
Narrator’s P.O.V:
A few days later, Cho PD was finally ready to put his plan into action.
He came back after work to smell the yummy scent of bean paste soup and freshly made rice. “Mmm… Something smells good, __________!” Cho PD called as he hung up his coat and hat.
“Thanks Uncle! Come and eat before it gets cold!” A tinkling giggle came from the kitchen. Cho PD peered into it, seeing you. Your hair was in a neat and tidy bun, and you had a baby blue apron on. The table was set up nicely with all types of mouth-watering foods. You were beaming at your uncle and gesturing him to take a seat. As always, your best friend U-Kwon grinned at Cho PD and sat beside you. In other people’s points of view, you looked like the perfect wife.
“Come sit, samchoon. You must be tired.” You waved him over. “Don’t mind if I do.” He sat across from you.
“Oh, hey Kwon. You kept _________ company again?” He asked. U-Kwon nodded, “You know it. What if some creepy stalker people knock on her door? She’s too gullible.”
You playfully smacked your bestie on the arm. “U-Kwon oppa!” You said, offended. U-Kwon shrugged, “It’s the truth.” A weary sigh escaped your lips, “Yah, just eat.”
During eating, U-Kwon kept giving you the best parts of everything. He gave you the most delicious piece of meat, the yummiest side dishes, and so on. Soon, a whole bunch of food was piled onto your plate. “Thanks oppa.” You gratefully smiled at him as U-Kwon nodded.
Cho PD shook his head. *When will U-Kwon ever have the guts to confess to her? He’s making it so obvious.*
After finishing the scrumptious dinner and putting the dishes away, Cho PD called you over. You were confused, “Yeah, samchoon?”
A smirk grew on Cho PD’s face, “Kim U-Kwon, you won’t like this… But __________, I have a mission for you.” Your eyes widened. “A mission?! I haven’t had one for years!”
“Well, this will be your last mission of your whole entire life, so don’t expect much.” Cho PD waved it away. “What kind of mission is it?” You tilted your head to the side curiously.
Cho PD eyed U-Kwon as he grinned challengingly, “A love mission.” Your jaw fell open. Your uncle had never given you a love mission before.
U-Kwon froze. Immediately, he rejected the idea. “No way, hyung! I absolutely  DO NOT approve!” He shook his head furiously and protectively pulled you close to him in a back hug.
Cho PD knew U-Kwon would act this way. “I don’t care if you approve or not. If ___________ wants to do the mission, then she can.” He shrugged. “What’s the mission…?” You questioned further.
Your uncle pulled out a Polaroid photo of Minhyuk. You stared at Minhyuk’s his auburn-coloured hair and good looks. Puzzled, you looked back at Cho PD.
“This boy goes by the name of Lee Minhyuk. He’s in a dance crew called Block B, and is the main dancer there. He studies at BNS High, which stands for Brand New Stardom High. He’s also a kingka and doesn’t let anyone call him Minhyuk except for people close to him. People that aren’t close to him call him by his stage name, B-Bomb.” Cho PD explained.
U-Kwon quickly snorted in laughter, “B-Bomb? How stupid sounding.”
You turned to him, “Hey, your name is U-Kwon, and I don’t make fun of it.” U-Kwon raised an eyebrow, “Touché.”
“Anyways,” The two of you turned back to Cho PD. “Your mission is to transfer to this ‘BNS High’ and get as close to Minhyuk as possible. From then on, you must change his personality, because right now, he’s really snappy and cold. Unlock his heart, __________-ah.”
U-Kwon warily eyed you as you thought about it. “So, are you up for it?” Cho PD questioned you. You took a deep breath. “…Alright.”
“Are you sure?” U-Kwon asked you with a bit of sadness. “Mianhae, Kwonnie. This is my last mission ever. I can’t leave this mission unfinished. What’s the fun in that?” You pouted at him. U-Kwon sighed and hugged you, “Okay. If that’s what you want, then you know that I’ll accept your decision. BUT! Don’t fall in love with him, okay?” He said accusingly.
You laughed, “I can’t promise that.” U-Kwon rolled his eyes.
Cho PD sighed but smiled at the two of you. U-Kwon was your first and best friend ever since you two were little, and he was very protective of you. He also had a not-so-secret crush on you. You two were stuck together like siblings.
“I already have your new apartment booked and everything. You’ll transfer to BNS High tomorrow.” Cho PD said as you nodded.
Your eyes took in the picture of Minhyuk, shivering at his cold and mysterious aura. *BNS High, huh? I wonder what adventures will await for me there…* You thought.
Does anyone else find this gif of Kyung really funny? xD
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Chapter 52: Oh, and Happy Birthdaayyy
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Chapter 44: Aww, this is soo cute <3
Their first kiss ^O^
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