The Senatorial Candidate


Kris is a promising young politician. He is on his way into another step of his political career by running for Senator. But his bid to be the youngest senator of the country is compromised when Do Kyungsoo suddenly barges in to his life. With a baby nonetheless.


"Congressman Wu, wait! I need to tell you something."

Kris stops to give his attention to the little man calling out for him. He is a politician running for office after all and every voter counts. But what the man tells him shocks the hell out of him.

"You have a one year old daughter, Mr. Congressman. And she needs her father right now."

Before the man can say more, Kris shoved him inside his car to prevent anybody else from hearing what the man just said.


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Naysila_FH #1
Chapter 23: Pls don't abandond this story', i really love ur story' ?
Please update
Kawaiido19 #3
update please
Chapter 21: iveee, Soo's umma, i miss you, i miss your story as well .. i even went to your twitter acc and stalked your tweets 1 year behind T.T
hope someday me and the other readers can read the next chapter and know what will happen next to everyone (Krisoo especially) hehe
i wish you'll always healthy and happy with your real life dear, take care of yourself ❤
Ate i miss you hope you can finish your stories love lots
Chapter 22: I'm still waiting
geron_bacurin #7
Chapter 23: Hi pleaseee update this story....
yehetttt #8
It's already 2017 and still waiting for this masterpiece
senulovemusic #9
please update this,please please please pitty please
hocaines #10
Chapter 22: WHERE